Sorry hustler troll , it didn’t work and besides didn’t you notice? I’m fixing to get hitched.


First off, can you still write the word SpearChucker? Just wondering. Ok then caught a notice in my inbox from, saying they noticed some unusual activity on my account there, which in reality I closed years ago, as I saw that site as just a drain on my wallet, and only results I ever got were poor, drugged out fat women, who thrived on alcohol, and worse. Thing I wonder and my name or something was obviously sniffed out on FB, see where your information is sold to by FB? Any mile if they would have inhaled more than last night’s nose candy, they would have noticed that I’m deeply involved with PoohBear, and outside of my death, I’m not changing that. Your online identity is not safe. If you use or subscribe to any social site and its not just FB, every one of them from Twitter to Google, dispenses your personal information to the highest bidder. I’m of the opinion, that this selling of information would slow down or come to an abrupt halt, if FB, Twitter, and to a lesser degree if these sites started charging a small and affordable but still a user fee. To heck with this free stuff. Maybe then FB , Twitter etc, wouldn’t have to sell your information to keep their heads afloat. Or above the poverty line. Sure back in the day, in 94 or so when the net became the in thing and sharing news, and having a indepth depository of historical and such information was hip, that was groovy. There was competition to innovate, search engines from Yahoo, to AltaVista were resources, and these outfits had to compete or die. Today with the net, its became either, feast or famine, no innovation, and the way these outfits makes money is selling your personal 411, like a pimp selling wives for the night. There just needs to be more policing of these sites. 

Here’s a tease though of what’s coming next year, here. 


welcome to our hazzard county graphic 1


Nurse GoodBody and I do make a good looking couple though, don’t we? We make an even better radio and media team, We are:

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