Hazz our nation, or our area gotten more idiotic, or is it just living in rural America?

Earlier Saturday evening after I had slept fairly well, I awakened needing feeding. So ventured out amongst the citizenry of Jerome and went to Ridley’s Market here. Walmart has just about soured my afection for them. So Got me some milk, and some simple grub, then went to a Mexican cafe here, where most here are of that ethnic group, eat. So as I was cruising Ridley’s Del Shannon’s Runaway came on the music track of the store. So I asked the lady at the checkstand, did she know what famous movie that was featured in? After I told her, it was American Graffitti, she responded that she had never seen or is that saw? Any mile, she hadn’t viewd it before. Really? How in the heck with a film made in the early 70’s that was the pilot for the TV show Happy Days, not have been seen by that lady?  More over if I had said Grease, she might not have grasped that either. Has our population, more over our millennial’s even Gen Y lost its culture? More over its traditions? Classic films? Wonder if that lady would know that the same creator of American Graffitti, also created Star Wars? Now about Labor Day. Don’t we have enough reasons and days where most American’s don’t go to work? Beyond the normals of Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Easter, and all, there are more days of the year any more that American’s don’t work. Except for truckers, us in toewing, farmers, ranchers, police, fire fighters, and ambulance pilots, everyone else has their feet up. No wonder our nation is underproducing. Here’s a thought. Want to be a rebel, anti-establishment person? On Labor Day, go to work. That’s right LABOR, on Labor Day, don’t take the day off. Go do your job or vocation. Dare to be different. Finally looks like our goal for September, restart of all things HazzardAyre Radio won’t happen. For 2 reasons mainly, one CenturyLink is still dragging their heels, and two old Besse keeps freezing. Bessie, s problem can be rectify that, by hauling the little bugger over to Steve, Kathleen’s husband and have him do an overhaul and upgrade. It’s no doubt time. Much of our systems problem however is due to not being connected, which should have been done by the middle of July. How is it that Greg our leading CenturyLink tech round these parts, found our location, installed our DSL line, yet or megatron 20/20 system still needs to wait. What is the wait? This is the same junk I went through the first time when that Rapheal guy was our account person at CenturyLink. Its not like we’re waiting on the equipment its sitting right here, the lines are already run, we just need Jana or whoever to turn on the line so we can get energized here. In addition to us not getting to earn here and loosing $500.00 an hour, our equipment is having headaches. Days like today, make me yearn for those days in Wyoming, where CenturyLink is the last company you call. AllWest Communications there has a staff that gets the job done, and done now, plus you can get TV through them as well. Any mile, Church here in a few, but again; has our population, lost its cultural roots and memory’s or are they just ignorant due to just living in rural America? 

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