About to take the plunge

So I’m looking to take the plunge. While my old flip top phone has worked and still works nearly flawlessly, still there are some things it just wont do, or do as well as something with a bit more of an edge. I was the same way, when we added a rollback here at SAMCRO Toew. Grand old LexiBelle has and will again serve me with untiring abilities, that newer trucks just can’t do, yet once I started running a rollback, can’t understand why we didn’t add this in the past. Likewise when wheel-lifts and hydraulics came into use in our vocation , I was against those as well. The damn things leak, they smell, the fluid gels up in winter. Yet when I saw Tommy of TNT Towing of Boise get one and all I got one too. Smitty, said the often quoted proffessor who said everything changes, nothing stays the same, but some of the old just looks trick. Dig this as an example, and this is why I need one of those fancy smartphones. Was out having a dip, and this sweet and fully restored, 64/65 Merc, Commet Convertable in baby powdered blue parked yonder at the Library. What got out of it looked barf, but that car was sweet and sounded as grand as well. I darn near was ready to go over and ask if I could sniff the tail-pipe.  Of course what I’m facing this week here, makes me wish someone would have had a smartphone. Got into somewhat of a physical confrontation, with a dufus that was insulting some of the Ladies of the Knytes. As such we mostly me, pretty much messed some folks up, especially a smart mouthed taco. As such a few ago, I got papers delivered that says, court invitation this week. What comes out of that will determine the longevity of my residence in Western Idaho. So stay tuned here for more on that here.  I hate having long eye lashes, seems as though fly shit, and moisture makes em stick together. Then its a real pain to get em apart again.  This coming week will determine a lot of things here in and of at least, me being in Western Idaho. The last year here has not been one that I would have foreseen as what would be when I arrived here last year. If I had, I would have never left Etown. Granted Etown Wyoming isn’t the most advanced town in the nation, and Etown at times does remind me of a coyote chasing its tail, yet out at the Wentworth, there, I could open my back balcony door, sit in my easy chair watch the Elk and deer, and inhale fresh air snow, and observe seagulls fight for bread. I did my radio shows on a regular basis. If I had an Internet problem, one call to Mindy, the problem was fixed. Plus I had all the TV I could handle, and channels Cable-One hasn’t even added. Life there had its challenges, and I did have my depression spells, yet I had the support, of my dear Bishop, Mark there, Dave, Vern, and Hutch. Those friendships are not replaceable. I had a LDS Ward that cared about people, not just the Gospel, or finding fault in people. Sure there were those that were bigots there, and the fact two Ward dinners I sat and ate alone, except for one that Mark sat with me. Even so, As far as computer problems, had it happen twice, once when lightning hit the lines. Even so a call to Mike at Cajun computers and $200.00 later computer was fixed. The only time I had trouble on tech was when this one outfit, called PC Innvovators messed with my laptop. They tore it apart dropped the screen, said it was beyond repair. Our lady in studio at the time Codi, looked it over for about an hour, hit the reset button. Dang thing’s been working fine. While Etown, wasn’t perfect, and I was up to my ass in debt there, still little by little, I was climbing out of it. here I still keep sinking. Just when I think I got a way out, somebody throws me a curve ball. Did I make a mistake moving to Jerome when I did? Absolutely, but the need to get the radio werx out of where I lived where interns and all could work in comfort and safety, was crucial. Looked all over the valley here. Nothing. Finally this one came up here I am. Switching the CenturyLink system, the damage to the settings, and drivers to old Bessie because I can’t update them due to the absolute slowness of CenturyLink’s gurus, dragging their feet to reconnect the megatron, 20/20 system back up. So do I take the plunge on a new smartphone? Possibly after I find out what hammers at court this week. 

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