sORRY PoohBear , and who makes up these idiotic Direct to Consumer TV ad’s and Companies?

Gotta say this morning that I’m sorry about being a bit grouchy and abrupt with my PoohBear last night when she called. It really wasn’t her. Been having troubles with old Bessie my lone champion computer of late. Seems just as I get one of em working right one of the other two has a shit fit. Then once I put a pretty good whammy on old Bessie, decided to go fetch a couple of Dr. Peppers. However Little Stallion is once again acting up again. No fuel guage and not running smooth as usual. Might be that ignition distrupter that them fellers at Happy-Happy Motors put on it. I know the payment is due, but can’t pay you when your not there. We had a 3 day holiday remember? Sheesh. So need to work on that today. If that tweren’t enough , rent is due, and I have a feeling the outcome of my meeting with the landlords ain’t going to be pretty, so am I having a good week hell the last 24 hours ain’t been great. Might be, because I didn’t go to Church Sunday as I had intended but I had needs of sleep. So PoohBear, it ain’t you, its I’m mad at current circumstances and I can’t find an exit. Okay then.

I have a big question, who comes up with these dorky, poorly made direct to consumer products and/or TV ads for same? They have one on there where all these fat and I mean BIG BUTT women sit on this cushion with an egg on it. The idea, is simple the pillow cushion molds itself to their butts so that the egg don’t break. BullsBreath, that egg is hard boiled and the one you see is not cooked when they break it in the dish, but the ones those women sit on is hard boiled. Now then, >Stinky pewe There’s a thing being massaged pretty good on BizTV overnights on the infomercial hours. The tag of the product is, ” If you can’t go, get Dr. Ho” Dr_Ho_new_banner_080917 maybe the product works as advertised, I think if your having belly spasm’s stomach-pain and can’t go number 2 that could be a serious issue. I’m not knocking the product, or its creator. What I’m finding fault in, is their promotion and marketing efforts. Saying anything like HO any more has so many nasty meanings that its not proper, nor that saying along those lines is inheritantly wrong, but saying , ” Can’t Go Call Dr. Ho, ” Sorry the people pitching this guys product needs to rework the ad, it’s just not getting the job done.

Well have a bunch of things on the plate today so I’m headed for bed. Let ya’ll know what goes with the place , computers and my ride, later. Again tho, Sorry My sweet PoohBear, its not you, I’m just worried sick to the point I might just have a serious stroke.


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