My Lyfe Flyte The strength is in trusting in and having faith of our Heavenly Father and Son; Jesus Christ.

I did not sleep well last night if I slept at all. The stress of now looking at wandering over the area looking for a home makes me angry. Not so much the ones who have done me wrong, they will have to be contended with by Heavenly Father. Just because they hold a religious denomination name as Mormon or such don’t make them no Saint. Greed abounds everywhere. Sure having enough money to meet certain needs is a thing, but becoming all thirsty for green in their jeans to the absolution of their fellow human beings is one of those things that is beyond my control to remedy. God will do that in his own time. Found the problem with old Bessie yesterday, wasn’t drivers, or that, the critter needed a new power supply. And $200.00 later seems to be fully operational. But I knew it could be repaired. I had faith in God that he would provide than answer and he did. I have although the rest of the family is dear too, but even more so, I have a dear lady over near Wendell. Yea she has provided although small, but some money aids, but her counseling and kick in my butt talks, have been invaluable. One of those talks concerned the defamation and demeaning of myself by some of the former neighbors in Wendell. Which in the greater expanse of view, is what caused me the need to move into this dung heap in Jerome. The mess of rent escalation and all was one thing, but I had a albeit contentious, but still workable relationship with the Landlord over there. And I had some sense of security. Here I have none. Yet just as my lady friend in Wendell explained it, have faith, hand the problem to God, and go along with the ride. Now yes I am praying that I will be able to pay the landlords here today enough to maintain status quo, for a few weeks or months. I would like to feel I succeeded or made something out of a year or so, of Earthly hell. Yes I could be sore at several people, the fact that LexiBelle is still out of commission and me catching service and tow calls even now in and around Evanston, the fact that two weeks of my truck being violated I begged to go to Etown, to do what was needed to bring her out west, and I don’t hold anything against one young lady who was having troubles of her own, when the joint trip to Etown from Wendell couldn’t happen just before Easter this year. However as such, need to get a new steering column , ignition switch and rewire the old girl, new tires, and clutch. This is going to cost big bucks no matter if its Rick and I doing the repair work, or having it done by someone else, like Nate, its still going to cost money. Some say what about the Club? The Knytes has spent just under $900,000.00 in legal fees over a fuss in Texas, that we as a Club were mistakingly brought into. Only being guilty be assimilation. So help from the Knytes/WolfPack is just not there. I keep being told the balance of the money from the remains of the settlement between Western Annuities and the Montgomery Foundation will be made soon. Seems that’s resting on the sale of some big property in California. Once that’s done I’ll be good. Trouble is my bouncing around, how can those awarding those funds dispense them to me, without knowing where I am? What extra money the Club has, has to be spent wisely. The idea of the radio gig, plus a eating/beverage place here in Western Idaho, is what brought me out here in the first place. See there was an ad in the Slime News of Tweaker Flatts about a bar/cafe/shop in Richfield. $700.00 a month it said. With a small attached home it said. Groovy. Yet when I was about to finalize on the deal, it had already been rented. So stumbled on the place in Wendell. Two places for the eating/beverage place came, one got snapped up by one of my neighbors, there in Wendell, the other one was dumped due to the remote location for and to attract servers. With that came the radio gig. Good in theory, however and its not just here. In my 40 some odd years of being in broadcasting, I have yet to find a local anybody, who could walk into the studio, sit down in front of the console and do a show solo. None except one that moved from Arizona to ETown, just to be part of it. I wont go into why she did not stay. Yet with all of this, and I will say its one helluva test, I have faith in God to rectify and bring me out of this trial, and tribulation. Normally however and I have to think, it was out of a soft prompting, but I awoke this morning, to the sounds of my cell phone. One earlier Tuesday evening of a tire repair near Lyman Wyoming, the other along 80 there close by, from GEICO auto club. Now sure, most would say, go get the deal there. Again LexiBelle is out of commission, LiL Wolf needs attention, and the Saturn’s fuel pump and fuel sender needs repaired. All of which means I’m stuck. Just hope the landlord’s here understand that. More to report at noon.


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