Those we have met even though some think I’m fibbing. Yesterday, today, and tomarrow

First things first. Met with Landlords, money paid, short $350.00 but think things can be resolved. Am consulting an attorney on the matter. Second went to court on my being a bit physical with a idiot that insulted one of our Ladies-of-the-Knytes. Defered judgement. Meaning if I kick someones ass in the future here in a year I pay a fine and 10 days jail. If not the thing gets forgotten. Okay then, went here to my quarters, turned everything off, curled up went to sleep, just woke up and doing what online work I can, although this would be on air if whomever at CenturyLink would get this system hooked up so we could be once again on air. With that I am doing my gig here.

Now then; was reading Church News, and saw a thing in there about C.S. Lewis. Now I’m not saying I’m anything special here although the time spent with her was either. But when I was attending PCS and doing internship there one of creative writing teachers there, just so happened to be a young student teacher named Mary Ellen Lewis. Yes the, niece of the grand author of such lit classics as Chronicles of Narnia. Of which was at the time seen as pieces written by someone on a narcotics trip. Consider the story lines and you’ll understand. However it was more than that. It was and is writing that can bridge a lot of thought patterns no matter the religious or not so much concepts. It Was Mary Ellen, who I just simply called MEL, it was easier and we did spend much quality time. She is who I was inspired by to start reading the Chronicles, every book, and was just a walk on and all on the set of the few movies that was inspired by the books. Now my thoughts on the article in the Church News about the famed author. The main question becomes at least on my mind is; is there no more independent thought any more in our Church? I understand that our Church leaders are stymied by events of today, that even our Church Presidency is somewhat baffled. Since President Hinckley passed on, and to some degree President Monson, the Church has had a sense of confusion. There is not a firm hand on the tiller of the Church. Too many political movements and secular movements by Church leaders, tells me its more man, not God telling what should be, than what God says it ought to be. For many years, I have been like Joseph Smith Junior, saw the vision, he too was in a state of confusion, when he knelt down to pray and asked God, what Church he should follow? I truly believe the Gospel of the Church, but I’m seeing more of a thought of a need of financial gain rather than spiritual gain happening. I remember in the late 1990’s, when I worked at Deseret Transportation the trucking company, the leading privately held trucking company in the nation, when I kept rubber on all the trucks, trailers, and serviced every car, van, and delivery rig in the Church’s inventory, including many of those that our Missionaries drive today. President Hinckley walked through the shop, along with Monson. Some how I got picked out as someone Hinckley wanted to talk to. Here I was big mug of coffee on my tool box, SKOAL in my mouth, and no where to get rid of either in time. Hinckley was dressed in fine threads, yet sat down on some old dirty tires, and wanted to chat with me. He told me that even though I was a member of the Church, that he had heard my radio shows, (up to that time had no idea about blogging). President Hinckley told me I was right and accurate and simply called me the Wolf inamongst the Sheep. The Wolf thing has stuck ever since.  He told me that other members of the Church should not Judge others by some simple infractions, of Part 89 of the Doctrine. He told me if your kind in heart and work to walk In God’s shadows that I was okay with God, and the Church. The whole thing is this. Once I stupidly left Utah bound the 1st time to once again to be here in Idaho, I started feeling a bit distanced from the Church. Seems as though every time I got close to the Church there was several that pushed me away. Sought community in several denominations, until I finally arrived in Ogden Utah. The Sullivan Creek Ward’s Bishop, started counseling me, I started the road back into the Church, however the three people that brought me back into the Church was My former Bishop and lifelong friend Mark, of the Uinta View Ward of Evanston Wyoming, and Vern Cox, and his son in law Dave. A few others there, but mostly those three. Not just for the money help they gave, but no matter what problem I was having even just on decisions, I could have counsel from one of those 3. I had a somebody who understood God, that I could talk to about problems. In Evanston, I did not just walk alone. I had some shoulder to cry or at least lean on. When I first met PoohBear, Mark, told me that even though it went against doctrine, that as long as PoohBear slept anywhere else except with me, that it was more of a shared kindness rather than lust, and could be excused. The one thing except for finding a place to settle down that has kept PoohBear in Florida and me here, is that until she finds a set of Missionaries to begin the lessons to become a member of our Church, and in time gain a Temple Recommend so we can get married in the Idaho Falls Temple, which I think is the most beautiful of all LDS Temples, that there needs to be a long distance kept in the relationship. Okay enough shedding of my cerbrial blood this morning. While it may, or may not seem like it. There are albeit from whatever power the crossing paths of others paths, is one I treasure. Some of those people are celebrities are very much celebrities. The Osmonds of Utah. No big thing there. I and parents lived next door to them, I worked in their orchard picking peaches and apples, there where those Osmond studios are now, in Orem. Yes I got some inspiration in my field of media from there, but they are just friends. The fact that in 1978 shortly after I acquired LexiBelle, Gy, John, and Paul, visited our farm near Hazzard. We talked, came up with an idea, they saw the General Jackson, all in John Deere Orange/yellow, took the idea, and even though the pilot movie the MoonRunners had the car as Traveler, and the lead character as Bobby Lee, when the Dukes was created, The Jackson, became the General Lee, and the rest is history. Some say and I have hecklers all the time saying no it didn’t, I can tell you yes it did. I’m not gifted, not anything, I have just been blessed and found and discovered things and people. I may not have been born with a athletic body, and my health at birth wasn’t great either and yes I was born with a sharp mind, and investigated everything I was ever interested in. I had a set of parents that had the money to allow that investigation, and my only fault is that I’m way too trusting and giving of money and sweat. The Knyte/WolfPack, are my family,  but they outside of maybe 20 have moved far, far, away from Idaho. 70% of the regional membership of the Club(s) live in areas bordering, but not in Idaho. Idaho to them is a plague that should be abolished.  I could go on, but such life encounters as I have had with MEL, or C.S Lewis and all is not accidents. They are done by Heavenly Father for a reason. And oh yes one last thing. When I punch the ejection card, of life on Earth, my Estate whatever that becomes, goes to 4 people  The First is the Club(s), The Uinta View Ward of the LDS Church, My Son, and Kathleen and her family. If there’s anything left goes to my PoohBear. 


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