Yesterday I did another something stupid.

Yesterday I did something stupid. Went to see Landlord, fished out $700.00 , he says I’m still behind in the amount of $350.00 . I said , ” Well then, I will just take my money back go find another place and move.” He says not giving the money back, with that and finding that my cell phone is unplugged I thought what a trusting Goober I am. Verizon wants $300.00 too. My problem is; amongst many is that I do business many times on a spit and shake of the hands trusting in people. Many times without paper work. Today you just can’t do that much if at all any more. Both problems are solvable, and I can get another phone from another company carrier for a few weeks, but it just erks me that I am so dang trusting. In Idaho, and rural Wyoming, employment contracts are not lawful. Many times I have hired people on that spit and shake thing and then people don’t respond or never return, but they sure love the money. So to Kathleen, PoohBear, Rick and all, if you can’t get in touch by phone since my cell phone is off, get in touch with me on email, or on FB. 


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