The Death of a Icon makes you think of your own mortality.

Burt Bandit, passed away the other day. I have followed his career for years worked on two projects with him, okay I was a walk on and a flunkie but at least I was there. Burt was never too busy to chat or visit with those on the crew. Smokey and the Bandit came along, I must have went to theaters all over to watch that film, just about as many places as I went to watch the Hollywood Knights. As I keep getting older my own years keep growing older and I keep getting more weak, and slower. I’m starting to forget things and short term memory isn’t what it used to be. Things as the stress I’m under here with the place here in Jerome, Idaho isn’t helping ease that stress. Seems I keep paying yet always under the threat of being evicted. Oh sure I get told by those in the legal profession he can’t do that legally, but with these folks I’m leasing from, who cares about anything legal? They sure don’t. Days like today, I sure as heck don’t like the fact that I’ve been taken or gave the big one up my six, or that I saw that ad a year and two months ago in the Slime News. Both ads. Yet here I am, but called Legal Aid who steered me to a low cost attorney, and things are about to get ugly. It’s not that I have a big love lost for Western Idaho, but where I’m at, the efforts of so many people to make this work, and yet to the people I rent from, its always more money, more money, more money. 


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