Heavenly Father has a rude and sure ways to grab you by the six.


First of all understand I’m not out of the quick sand just yet, call it a reprieve. Second Heavenly Father has no sense of humor, nor would our Heavenly Father make a good city planner. After all who would put a amuzement park next to a sewer? That said been in panic mode much of the Day. Landlord says still not enough money. Really? Where does it end, affordability or not by the Knytes and or me, still the pit isn’t bottomless. So went in search of an attorney around here that works on weekends. I’m sure there are some, but Big Jon’s father in law is up in the hills, LegalAid is closed until Monday, so been on the verge of loosing not only my happy home but that of KTOW. With the prayers from Kathleen and all just got a temp reprieve on being booted, but only a reprieve not a lets go home and play well with each other in the sand box. Now I know that consuming alcohol, is a no-no in the Church but with me out of lithium, and nearly out of Goody’s Powders, would Heavenly Father mind if I went and consumed a bottle somewhere? Isn’t this one of those times that God meant what he said in Proverbs, about let a man drink to forget his troubles? Sure would seem that way. Downstairs folks are scrambling, I’m searching for another $700.00 and if I get all that, I am where I’m going to be for life, if not its radio gear back in storage and the mini Wolf, and my butt heads to Etown Wyoming. Days like today wished I hadn’t let my neighbors in Wendell treat or get under my skin  like they did that pushed me to move. It was rough there no doubt, but at least it WAS stable. Had it not been for those snoopy neighbors and a former intern I never would have moved, or at least moved here to Jerome. But with things in limbo for a week, and 3 Goody’s Powders, I’m okay. See ya’ll on air overnight..


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