Life after death, I am now waiting to eagerly greet the Reaper.

Have you ever pondered what the other dimension will be like? Can you ever truly visioned what the path to your own death will look like. While certainly $1,000.00 right now to settle debts to my Landlord and such would sort of help, still looking at the long haul , I don’t see any real future. I as a human have seen, and experienced things that few have, and in fact done what even fewer have. Yet with LexiBelle none operational. The delay with getting the radio gig going again, the Club being all so scattered , maybe its time as the Bandit did the other day, maybe its time I unplug and seek the comfort of God and the Reaper. Since I left Evanston Wyoming, my abilities to restart the radio gig here has been hap hazzard at best. In April when my LexiBelle was violated and abused her injury went further into my soul than just simple property damage. loosing the place in my life when many times becoming homeless, due to the ignorance of a few people in Wendell Idaho, yesterday’s texts to me regarding this final stop on my road of life was just too much. So I now have the method of departing this life, two 5ths of Jack Daniels, a deep canyon not far from me and my mini Stallion. At about midnight Monday, unless and even if I can rescue this place I reside. Why go on? What could be so important that I continue breathing. So most likely unless one helluva intervention takes place, by God or human, Tuesday or maybe Wednesday, you will be reading my obituary. 

Love you PoohBear and all the rest, its time to meet my death.

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