Miracles do happen, thanks to all who were involved. KTOW will be back up October 1st.

 I’m pr00f that Miracles still do happen. Even to me. Thanks to the 2nd Ward Jerome stake, Jerome Idaho, Missionary Smith, my friend Kathleen, and family, and my PoohBear. I’m sure there’s a few that I may have left out, but my brain is finally unwinding. Last week into the beginning of this one I was in the middle of a domestic, domicile storm, that I had no ability to get out of. I was up against a unbudegable property manager, my bank account and quite a few other maladies that had even me perplexed. I had all intentions last Friday into Monday, of doing a Thelma and Louize exit off of the edge over on the rim of the Snake River Canyon. With intervention of our Ward, sister Smith and the other Sister Smith, some green assistance from the Ward, I’m now okay. 

People often ponder the concept of is there a supreme being? I call God, or in some circles attach the name Kahless(Klingon for Jesus) Some dispute scripture. I do state there is much scripture that has never been written, and much scripture that has never been translated. There are many wannabe and pretensious preachers and all out there, after only one thing YOUR money. However when you see yourself at a very low point, and perhaps swallowing your pride is needed the concept of the contrite spirit, is when God comes to the rescue. When he does he delivers, and somehow makes up for the bad crap that was previously killing you, or about to. Was supposed to go to see the shrink yesterday, but the absolute confusion I went through there Monday and nearly getting in a rubber room because of it mostly this living arrangement and the abuse that went with it, I wasn’t in a big rush to go back there. With that said, I am seeking treatment elsewhere. Which is kinda funny in a way and I’ll close for now with this. Do you realized that outside of having to meet with a shrink, to get my Federal funds free of one of My cousins grip, that all the rest of the time I was in both Utah, and Wyoming, I didn’t have to seek treatment from no shrink what so ever? One of the people here at the hospital, told me why they went into a panic mode. That Idaho, has one of if not the largest suicide rates in the nation? Maybe our dear state Of Idaho needs an overhaul. Plans are now being made here, if you thought We were aggressive when it comes to our media werx and all before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  

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