Some scripture teachings not to clear.

Some Biblical and D&C scriptures are not to clear. Example D&C Part 89 says no hot drink, it does not specify coffee or tea. Here’s the wild card here, if its just hot drink, does that cancel out Sanka or Postum ? There is a long list of so called infractions of scripture that does not entirely mesh. Example our teachings says no booze. Yet in Proverbs it says when a person is so over burdened with life’s woes that getting wasted and forgetting your troubles is advized. Is it simply the era that the verse was written? Or is it that as we should know, that the Book of Mormon and D&C are suppliments of the Bible, but to supercede the Bible. Gospel, is just that, gospel, not to be man made popular fooled around with. Sure Russell M Nelson is now head of the church, but even I can’t always fully declare that what he says to do or such all the time is what is coming from on high. Example(and I don’t think we are from this as a Church) But if the word came down that women were now allowed to hold the Priesthood, I’d be doing a lot of praying and pondering. Or the so called bad words. Who said the words were bad. Granted taking the Lords name in vein is wrong, as well as exuding bodily fluids is wrong, but what about the others? There are many more words that comedian George Carlin spoke of in the 7 words you can’t say on radio (I do anyway) or TV.  There is the F-word, some say its the F-bomb, an F-bomb in my opinion is one very raspy fart, has nothing to do with Fornication UNDER Charles the King. wHO OR WHAT SCRIPTURE verse says I can’t say that word?  You can say dung heap, but some say you can’t say pile of shit. What scripture does that fall under? Sure speaking of crude or vile things is not proper, but if I smack my thumb with a hammer and udder words describing a off spring of a dog, I’m going to say it. What I do read and see, is a ton of things involving mating rituals and things of sexual natures. Yet I never see scripture saying its wrong to admire the beauty of a really pretty lady. What I do read is scripture saying we should never look upon a woman with lust. Its the look but don’t touch thing. There are my reservations of certain past Presidents of our Church that is quoted all so often yet has been clearly convicted of raping and abusing young girls in the 13 or so age group under the guise of multiple wives. In all my wyldest days messing with any girl under age 19, but hey good ole BY was recruiting wives of 11 to 15 year olds. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that our scriptures are right on the mark. I know that ours overall is the restored Church of Jesus Christ. I feel the Holy Ghost all around me. However I also get the feeling at times that some of those teachings are manipulated to fit other than Church agendas. I also had and saw miracles these past few days that happened here that never, ever would have came out of my old Ward, in Wendell. Tonight I will sleep well.

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