Can this get any worse? Talk about brand loyalty, I ought to get a cash grand prize.

Can this get any worse? Talk about brand loyalty, or maybe its just two people that are trying , but the rest of the team keep fumbling the ball at the 10 yard line. At this rate We might get on the air again by November. But hey it took em 3 months to get it all installed last year, even then much of it needed massaging until late March to get it right. So yesterday, my pal Greg from CenturyLink got here. Spent 4 hours here, only to find that the gear from Wendell wont work here, that CenturyLink had sent it to south Lincoln rather than North Lincoln. Are these people, especially who they shipped it through that challenged? So they delivered this new gear to the wrong place. Why would anyone else want that stuff, they can’t use it, unless they get an install order and it be programmed by CenturyLink, So its been reported stolen, problem is now the entire project is again delayed. I can surly tell you that if it wasn’t for Jana and Greg, I’d be asking for a ton of a lot of lost revenue and for CenturyLink just to call Cable-One and hook me back up through them. This is taking way too long and way to much stress. This does though tell you something, some things are better smaller rather than bigger. Our friends at AllWest Communications our of Kamas Utah that services Evanston, Wyoming never took this long on an install. One call was all it took. Yea there were problems even there for a time, but those problems were mostly billing. If the error was on their end they took the blame and rebate us both rates as well as some serious $’s. However we never were that oftenly off the air there. Usually only a few days. So I had to hold off the network for two weeks, which is hurting my sales. One of my accounts has decided to suspend his payments until we are fully on air again. That’s $100.00 an hour we are not earning. This may be one of those times that an attorney gets involved to put a burr under the saddle, of the decision makers at CenturyLink. Ya’ll think. All I know it the EAS system test is set for the 22nd, if we get fined for not being to go to EAS testing, by the FCC, CenturyLink is going to end up paying that fine. Even our CL, Tech Greg got hung up on yesterday and he works for em. The the thing had to go to accounting. Came 4:00PM the guy at accounting Greg was talking too, just hung up on Greg, and went home. Don’t anyone work off hours or a full day any more? How can one medium sized account, get so screwed up? Any mile, it’s life in the odd lane, but I’m praying that by next month next month we’ll be back up on air. 

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