Okay now what? And a bit of a notice would have been cool too.

So last night in all the maylay of our meeting here I went and took a look at our Livestream.com account. Guess what? I find out , that Vimeo has bought out Livestream.com normally such things don’t bother me, however in this instance it does. We had 15 channels and hours of albeit vintage, but hours of content just gone. Why didn’t Livestream.com or Vimeo send out an email notice saying better download your content, or something as we have been bought by vimeo? That was just stupid on their part, so I spent time taking out their software out of the computers we use to produce those shows. I think you going to see a dramatic change in online radio/podcasts. Thankfully we are with an outfit that cares about its clients Spreaker.com has been very good to us and I don’t have any plans on changing that. While such online offerings are meek and mild , owowohio.com is one of our business models we took rebel style over the road radio, as it was years ago, put in some serious off the wall, sometimes nasty,always tasteful humor with all generes of music and informative programs, like Business Rockstars, and molded a one of a kind radio show. We started doing radio in 1975 out of our home near West-Point Idaho. We had a very old Collins transmitter, a very short antenna mounted next to a white poplar tree, but, from King Hill Idaho to Filer to Jerome here and sometimes all the way to Shoshone, a distant FM at 89.1 a thing called Long Haul Radio could be heard. In 1983 we finally got licensed by the FCC and KTOW FM 105.7 went on the air. By that time the Hazzard thing had bit pretty hard, so in 1984 a thing we call today, Dixie-Diesel Trucker Radio was born. Today, KTOW, FM 105.7, has under its umbrella HazzardAyre Radio, AyreWolfFM Highway Hooker Radio, and Farm Kountry Radio. As well as Maximum Overdrive and of course Dixie Diesel Radio. Come next month on the 29th marks 43 years of us as rebel truckers and gear heads being on radio, to inform and entertain the men and women who make their living driving a truck. 


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