Whose going to fill our shoes?Who will be those in our organization after we are gone?

Last night and into this afternoon some of the Knytes High Council through both teleconferenceing and just being here at Knytes Hall, were talking on the organization. One thing that came up as a result of last weeks episode of me considering suicide and other such nonesense. What if I had done that, for that matter what happens to the club? Right now there are maybe 6 of the founding 15 of us who are still alive and kicking. Jimmy is gone, Ricky is gone, Keith is gone, the list grows. Of course Jonny is getting into his early 70’s, I hit 60 last April, none of us are any younger. Now not saying I’m about to go off and doing my self in, but my health is not that good, Jonny isn’t much either. Whose going to not only lead but retain the traditions of the club? It’s not like the MC can go out and put up a recruitment sign, Nor the Hazzard Knytes going out and recruitng. But we thought , hmmm, maybe the Iron Knytes Association could bring in youth in the 16 to 21 year old demo, under the handle of the organization we started this all with. The TeenAge Truckers Association. Renew our affiliation with the 4-H Clubs and recruit through the TTA. Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger, some day we all are going to hit that exit of the road of life. When we do, this organization if we don’t start bringing in new blood, is going to die with us, and the Knytes are too important for that to happen. The TTA is the way for us to teach our youth the lessons of life on the highway. With that said let’s look at the Iron Knytes.

The Iron Knytes Association is the renewed re-established  organization that was again created through the TTA. We established in 1986 a thing we called the United, American, Independent, Truckers Association. Which became the mothership of the Hazzard Knytes, Knytes-of-Dixie, The Deere-Dazzlerz Association as well as the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association. The UAITA was formed in the tailings of what had been the Independent Truckers Association. Not taking anything away from Mike Parkhurst who formed the ITA in 1962, Parkhurst was for and supported the owner operator independent long haul truckers. He established or influenced legislation that changed trucking. His organization even helped to kick to the curb the ICC. Parkhurst created a publication of which there hadn’t been one and has not been the same since, the publication is called Overdrive Magazine. When the ITA folded in 1985, some of who were members of that organization as well as the Knytes said lets reform it. So as said in 1986 the UAITA was formed at a truck stop nearby of the town of American Falls Idaho. In 2015 there rose a clatter and we decided as an entire organization to rework the UAITA. After trying out several names I was on the crapper, reading a magazine, and saw the ad for Volvo’s sponsored super truck, called the Iron Knight. A bit of a rework, and the Iron Knytes Association was established in the fall of 2016. 

In my world, I am also becoming more TC(truckers-club) and less MC(Motorcycle-Club) There’s not much difference between a trucker and a biker, except us truckers have bigger fuel tanks, two doors and more wheels. The rest of it is simply we are both road warriors. Its time to get more warriors, lets support the re-establishing of the TeenAge Truckers Association. 

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