Afternoon Delyte Church Report


08:19 alarm goes off, I imagine that it went off several times before that but I slept through it. So climbed out of bed realizing its church day. No breakfast and really feeling yucky to begin with, I’m there watching the choir finish. Several of the men were way off key and seriously tone deaf, but hey maybe its time for me to join the choir. Look into that next week. Well services start to gather up, the new Organist, starts to usher in opening music, trouble is she too is missing notes, I meant to udder my thoughts in silence but some how I uddered outloud. Sister Yost heard what I said, and jumped my shit. Telling me the organist was new, and nervous. Oops sorry, that should have been the end of it, not jumping down my throat. I’d hate to be in that home when she gets erked about something. Sister Smith sang a solo number, and sounded awe so sweet and on key, with perfect intonation. I was moved by her performance. Told her after services that she needs to be on an album or at least make one. Watch for her to eventually be in the big choir of the church. Bishop signed the paperwork for me to get under way again with DI. I’m not into going to work for someone else, but if that’s what it takes to get this house in order so be it. Gospel Principles Class, Sister Smith sits right next to me, some kind of an attraction, that’s not romantic in any way, but its nice to know there is at least one of the local women around here that is not chicken shit to be near me. Then came Priesthood meeting. Opening was not bad, but the lesson sucked. Something about older and younger. In Evanston Wyoming’s ward that I attended, there albeit a thin curtain, but the Elders and High Priests meet in different rooms. Here we meet in the same one. And the old farts and the young stallions don’t always mesh well. I feel still a bit uncomfortable in there. I wish they’d give me a chance to teach one of these class’s. October 31st there’s a Halloween gig going on, prizes for the best dressed as one of our ancestors will be given out. I’m going as General Jackson. Just need to find a CSA Army uniform somewhere.  One of the High Priests chatted with me after Priesthood, about the flag on display in my front room, I explained to him what it really meant. Somehow I don’t think he gripped what I was saying. But its one of those reasons that we do the radio thing. to educate the northern union masses, as to what the war and the southern culture is and was all about. On the radio thing. Its getting very upsetting that CenturyLink is just dragging this out. I have seen large companies jack around, but never this much. So hopefully by next week it’ll all be hooked up and us back on air. The delay by CenturyLink darn near cost me, my home, as I hardly had money to even pay my rent due in part to loss of revenue of advertisers on our station, and us not being able to air those ads. It’s equal to loosing exactly $100.00 per hour when the station is not up. All total right now CenturyLink, owes us right at $500,000.00 CenturyLink has one week to get this hooked up, or the crap hits the attorney’s fan.

My belly is empty so I’m into eating. More this evening.

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