Who’d have thought? Seems as the old Wolf wasn’t so nuts after all.

Back in 1988 somewhere, I said to many that the light duty small diesel would be the basic power plant for most performance applications. That Diesel Tech and Performance diesels were the up coming gotta have. I got laughed at, even my friend Nate in Evanston thought I was titched at such an idea. Guess what? The move is on and its hard not to see a hot rod pickup, or light truck without a perfomance diesel. I also was ridiculed for saying one of the collectables and soon to be treasured rides, would be a vintage tow truck, such as my LexiBelle.  Even tiny toy tow trucks, like LiL Wolf, LiL Lexi1 Even my friends Tommy and Rick said why would you want to do that outside of a promotion vehicle? Well guess I wasn’t wrong there either toyota-wrecker-1-e1536962784998-630x390 Look I’m not the Oricle of Delphi, nor am I a wizard of any sort, but I see concepts and trends that soon become popular. Back in and I mean way back in 2004 we established the Hazzard County Toewing Association. Which is still together. Its goal was to unite all those who love custom and vintage tow trucks. Long before there was a Facebook, and even today we as a group and those who just love to poke smut against the old Wolf here, might want to change thy direction. There’s many examples of this, I remember two of them, one was the Boise Stage Stop, when the fellers that started that, needed a consultant; they came to me and my Dad, who also invested in that. I also remember when I suggested that a truck stop, on the side of a mini mountain east of Mountain Home would be a great truck stop location. Dad was gone, but mom got involved and a few years later, the Gear-Jammer Truck Stop was built. Now that entire hill side of Mountain Home harbors business’s mostly in the tourist/travel space. Guess I wasn’t wrong there either. When I started putting up pages on and about older tow trucks on Facebook, people said again I had one too many bolts loose. Yet see today? I can count several pages and interest groups on vintage tow trucks, and yes one for us Holmes fans. So when some of ya’ll start pointing fingers at me and or the Knytes when we say something wild and hot is about to become a trend, maybe you should remember, our outlook is seldom wrong. 

Big day Monday so its scripture reading then bed. See ya’ll on the bounce around.

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