So you want to have an affair with me?

Who the heck are these women? If even they ARE Women every day I get a half ton of lets get up close and kinky invites in my junk mail email box. I realize that 98% are from people who are not what they appear to be. If that wasn’t enough I get all kinds of suggested pages or groups on facebook. Hasn’t enough people gathered the idea, that I have PoohBear I’m not hooking up with anyone else except her. My heart belongs to her and we is getting hitched. With that said I’m not looking for any kind personal romantic up close unification. If I see women on say facebook, and I do invaribly contact someone its for professional business, beit a on camera to enhance ads for the website here our radio network, or our upcoming TV network, its not to get into your bedroom or under your underwear.  With that said, there has been some eye brows raised here, on some of the photo shots we use for graphics. I would love to have conservative tasteful photography that is similar to the old style pinups and cover girls that were part of applying to military aircraft. The problem is for every 10 applicants we get only about 2 maybe 3 that are in the conservative realm. The rest do look, act and often are a bit too over the top. Likewise we are forced to find shutterstock pics that fit a idea. The word has always revolved around LDS Church standards. My question, where is the line that would be approved for such things? There is no firm answer to that question. I have seen Wards that allow even in public young women to wear see through tops, and some that say if your in a meeting house its granny dresses. Where is the defined line? Example, I had a intern while we were in Bountiful,, Merideth, was her name, not only was she into the toew smooch thing, but spent many hours in studio. Didn’t mind changing clothes in front of me. Yet she was also a returning missionary. Try that anywhere else? No way. So how do you find those women? That has Church standards, dresses conservatively and yet has a guys locker room aptitude, attitude with enough eye candy to make the project work.? So this I want to tell, POF and all the rest, I’m taken , I’m no longer a free agent, I belong to my PoohBear, so go sniff around some other guy. If your not applying to work or photograph with and/or the Knytes don’t bother me. It’s that simple.

L8R Aviators


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