The local fuzzy wuzzies were busy in Jerome last night and can UPS/FEDEX DRIVERS be any more stupid? Or was it CenturyLink?

Last night was busy for the Reaper crew. We pulled 42 impounds, last night, local cops were busy, State bulls were in here in droves , don’t know if it was a speed saturation control patrol, but from kids drinking and driving, expired tags, no proof of insurance and all it was busy, bust city. Bet traffic court is going to be standing room only. 

Yesterday Greg from CenturyLink was here and spent most of the day. Seems as the router that was to be delivered here was delivered to 209 south, not 209 North. Greg went and inquired sure enough. But the coding was cancelled so a new router had to be sent overnight. Ain’t here yet. Is somebody at CenturyLink not addressing the address right? Or is it some bumbling UPS/FEDEX drivers that can’t figure out north and south.  This place is fairly easy to find, even via GPS and or a Google search. Yet for some odd unknown reason, this project keeps getting delayed. The install and all was to be done and online yesterday. The thing is, I’m going to be a mad canine if in fact I get billed for this when its not up and going.  Like I have always said, for a company that’s rooted in communication, they don’t communicate well. Of course maybe the folks at CenturyLink don’t know, much less care that there is a new getting heftier everyday competitor coming on strong here. WhiteCloud Communications is in here and offering some pretty good prices. While they can’t deliver what we need here at HazzardAyre Radio , like CenturyLink and/or Cable-One can for us anyway, still for the low to medium sized business’s around here WhiteCloud, could easily give CenturyLink a serious run for its money. 

One of my fun pass times is sitting outside on an old welding stool watching the public drive by everyday. It’s amazing that when people approach a crosswalk here instead of stopping, many just speed through it. Maybe that’s why the fuzz wuzzies are getting ambitious. The other thing I dig is watching the school across the street. You see a ton of unwedded mothers hauling their little demons in and out of the school. Two things you can count on, the hot butts have the youngest of offspring, the older kids are escorted in by mothers expecting, another one. Stay tuned,

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