Ever feel like you got left at the alter? Time to begin a search.

If you have ever felt like when it rains it floods today was one of those days. Woke to Property manager blowing the bugle asking could I come up and sign the lease for this place. That done, get a visit from the power company. Seems as the former tenant here left without paying the bill, meaning they were going to pull the switch. Not so , but now I have to cough up a miracle to save the power here. Not that I can’t but I feel like I’m in way over my head without a lifeline. Now dig this; If it hadn’t been for the long delay, by sweet CenturyLink in getting the 20/20 system completely installed I could have made enough to cover the bills, through revenue from the station. Since I’m not on air , sponsors are canceling out or completely dropping us. Now if that wasn’t bad enough, my sales associate Jana out of Salt Lake City decides to up and quit, what, the stress of my order must’ve been too much or something. So here I sit, a half installed system, and no sales associate to help with it. Now what? Tried to contact my pal tech of CenturyLink, in Gooding, but either he’s hiding or something, so now I have to deal with that in the morning and all day. Days like today makes me wonder why I just didn’t pay up Cable-One , at least they give you TV. Makes one question any more the viability, of CenturyLink. Stay tuned.

So with all the stress, of that, the power bill, and my past due car payment the last one that’s due next week, I just decided to be alone. It’s not that I wanted to not talk to my PoohBear, but this old canine just wanted to be left alone to think and lick my wounds. At least Verizon treats me well.



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