The Daily Breef, did you notice? New uniform for an old friend.

Did you notice? If you were sleeping under a rock you might have missed this, but Google’s GMail has a new look, and that’s not all Yahoo’s mail box now has a few more gadgets. I’m not thrilled over GMail, as the tools are a bit confusing, and hard at first rather obscure. Most of the old tools are there just under different pictographs, takes a bit of hunting. 

Signed the lease for our MC’s house and the Wolf’s Hangar house. So looks like I’m here for at least a year. Rested for the most of the day, seems as though I’m in the docks rather than show floor. The big freight day at DI is on Saturday so got two days off, which is good. As it gives me a few days to look at other IP providers. Seems as the wonderful deal we’re getting from Centurylink is taking way to long to get finished, yet we are loosing ad clients and still we have to pay network fees. Begs the question, if such a system can be put in place albeit it took three months the first time, but if it can be put in , in a residence in a town of 2,000 why can’t the same system be put in place in a town of 11,000? And dig this; we’re still paying for the place in Wendell. Seems as though there was no official turn off or disconnect order given, from CenturyLink to pull that plug. Who dropped the ball there? Just boggles the mind. Maybe in a few months, but at least we can deliver over the air just not online. Had my fold over pizza for lunch, but now feeling kinda yucky. And finally, with all the fuss over the Kavenaugh appointment and all, I can tell you this I’d never pass. Since I can’t count how many women I and many of the WolfPack poked fun at in our early days. How can you hold a man accountable, for something that occured nearly 30 years ago?  I say forget about it. 

See ya’ll on the radio.


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