Things getting somewhat better and I love the strangest smells.

Got in touch with Hope at CenturyLink, she says she’s going over the account and seeing if they can expidite it a bit. Leaving me in wonder is a bit off, but hey wouldn’t be the first time. Raphael left us mid court press last year. I don’t see what’s so difficult here, maybe its just me, itsa very basic hook up Greg brings the Adtran hooks it up gets the CP numbers and coding and we’re back on air, at least that’s the way it ought to be. Some how this has needed to go through layers of administration. Just hook the damn thing up, then I pay bill, simple math. So we see what happens.

I love some of the strangest smells, and I don’t know why. I love the smells of a cattle yard, skunks, diesel fumes first thing in the morning, and yes that aroma that gets my attention every time women’s feet in nylons. 

 The stinkier the better. Why this is I have no idea, maybe its the canine in me, maybe its a bit of a once in a life time thing of arousal who knows. Many head shrinks have attempted to diagnose the why, but have threw in the towel. Yet if I’m driving down the road and smell skunks its like a breath of fresh air, same goes if I pass a dairy farm. That smelly manure means money being made although today the price of milk is way below the selling price and far below production costs. I love the smells in the early morning when the trucks start around here, the aromas of that hardly spent diesel escaping into the air is like roses. Even going down the road number one diesel smoke smells delightful. Then there’s that other, and yet it makes me croon. 

Any mile looks like our October 1st get on air date has been pushed out, to December, unless of course CenturyLink, gets off the dime sooner. 

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