When its not about money but a utility that’s holding you back.


Look , I know there are processes and levels of authority to claw your way through in negotiating a project. But when , although its not being said, but stress, over our project, that caused a CenturyLink employee to quit and take a job with a competitor, you have to wonder. The legal complaints against CenturyLink is so numerous that you need to ask yourself, is there a roach in amongst the manure? It was a year ago that I signed up with CenturyLink. The lady on the phone at first said she couldn’t offer the horsepower we needed to run the radio op. So I was nearly ready to hang up, she said there was somebody in the company that could make that happen. Right away I get transfered to a guy named Raphael in Pheenix Arizona and the process started. First a site engineer had to look at what could or could not be done. It was determined that a hybrid ISDN system could be installed. Greg showed up, told me he needed some wood to mount the equipment to, but no dimensions. In October last year we had a slim chance to get a place in Gooding, owned by the same crook we did business with in 2009(Richard Strickland-Strickland Realty). We had CenturyLink keyed in to wire that sucker. But when that fell through, and we couldn’t get that sweet spot, we retreated back to Wendell in November, thing is we still got it in. Without all this internal hub-bub that we are experiencing now. Then Raphael split, moved somewhere Florida, and we got Jana; after going the rounds with her supervisor Hope. Who rarely answers her phone. I know the same thing, for a company rooted in communicating they don’t communicate very well if at all. While the DSL system, worked, I never got a bill, until the damn thing was in the mid 100.00’s. Up to that point that the promise that Raphael, made that we would not be billed for the 4 months it took to engineer the bigger system(the 20/20 system) , came April the first bill came for that and I immediately paid it, however it did not work right consistently so Greg had to come over I don’t know how many times. It wasn’t until about the 1st of July that we got it right. We were finally on the air. We started hiring. Got one that knew some of what I needed, but with being off air and some problems with cash flows from the US Government, we decided to relocate here to Jerome, Idaho. August we got studio space and still due to some administrative bull, we are now still waiting. So if your wondering why I and the WolfPack are scratching the bottom of the pan for droppings, its because no on air, no ad revenue, no ad revenue no money and bills are piling up. So I looked into some class A lawsuits going on, for over billing, and selling products many customers don’t need , plus situations like ours that includes project delays. Our suit, will be for payment of loss of revenue, the frustration of waiting, for the install to be completed, and serious misrepresentation of available services. All total, its in the half a million dollars worth. But we still wait. On my end , I just should have waited, paid Cable One off and kept them, but hey the show needed to go on. If it hadn’t been for the radio op, I never would have signed up with CenturyLink. I can also remember back to our experience in Evanston Wyoming. We signed up alright, but were lucky if we could get 4 mbps down and 2 up. Not good enough, so I told em take the thing out. Yet they kept billing us. Back in 2013 we were contracted with CenturyLink, in Woods Cross Utah. Yet it seemed that the adtran box needed a firmware update. Guess what? That update never came, so we went back to Comcast. Yet CenturyLink still billed us. Yet even when you call em and say disconnect this, since it don’t work or work as needed, that should be enough for them to either unhook the blooming thing and refund your money, or don’t promise what they can’t deliver. Cable-One isn’t much better, but here where we are at right now that’s pretty much your choice. Too bad Project Mutual doesn’t service Jerome. 

Next entry, what to, and what not to say to a woman.


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