Made it through day one, got an official locker and a name tag, oh we are now official.

Well I made it through day one at DI, actually official orientation, start full time from 11:00 hours to 18:00 hours Tuesdays through Thursdays and on Saturdays. 

So assembled in the break room, then was led by LaNora to the computer room, where we filled out last minute paperwork, Where I met, yet another Alex, who was applying for a spot on the sales floor. All I can say is this gal, if she’s going to wear skin tight jeans, and a halter top, needs to not be so much as a muffin top. Everything was spilling over. Then progressed with another older gal, who I mean stunk, bet they make her shower a lot when she gets there as stink pew is not allowed by DI standards. So we filled out a ton of paperwork, on computer, then the computer it self was trying to update, which became a situation, that while no one there could fix, I did. Want to see how long I am on the dock and into IT? Then we got an apron. Oh goodie an apron, with an official name tag. Chute I’m official now. So then had to watch two movies, one on some sort of ethics, which is kind of self explanitory. Seems as though there’s been a rash in the past of DI employees hiding choice merchandise and such or for some payola, saving it for a friend or such. Then we had to watch a vid, on sexual harassment. Seems as though the #metoo, movement has filtered down to DI. Now here’s where that gets sticky. While no inappropriate actions or speech is allowed, still it says in the handbook that dating between associates as long as it don’t interfere with the job performance is allowed. Kinda of a goofy policy don’t ya’ll think? Then it said no super short skirts or flirting on the job. Okay that blows the busting moves I did on one gal who used to work for Deseret Transportation years ago. I remember this gal named Peggy who worked in administration had this niece, who wore skirts so damn short if she sneezed you saw the entire show. So I pursued that back then got chastized for it, Might be why now there’s an official policy on the subject ya’ll think? So then, got the official tour, shown where to come in and exit, and all that jazz, then dismised. But at least now I’m really working a job. But it’s short lived, as I keep getting tow calls for my company in Evanston Wyoming. Seems as though there isn’t one tow company that does what we do, for the price we do it for. At least in Etown Wyoming or anywhere near there. They call me from Coalville Utah to Lyman Wyoming and all places in between. Work for DI, make enough money then move back there, instead of bringing LexiBelle out here, I go where LexiBelle is. More later, stay tuned.

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