So what does this have to do with me?

So it was, after taking my nightly meds, and doing scripture reading, I called it a night at 22:30 hours. Just settling in and drifting off to parts of the galaxy so far,far,far,away, PoohBear texts, that two of our former associates were never to be rehired. Okay, couldn’t take any body on right now if I wanted to, hell I’m trying to figure out how to keep the lights on and a roof over my head, thanks to the delays of CenturyLink and the outright lies of Cable-One. Again should’ve stayed put in Evanston. Okay, so cover back up and getting ready to venture off to Navoo, another PoohBear Text, PoohBear just descovered that one of those former associates was now single and moving to Twin Falls. At which point, I had to ask myself, who cares? The thing is they are FORMER associates, the word FORMER is like back then in the past no longer a concern of mine. If all of them dropped off the face of the Earth and rolled over and died I could, not care less. Several years ago 2013 streaming a station and building the website required the need to take on outside talent, both on air, on screen, and engineering. To name a few. Utah to Wyoming, everything stayed in tact for at least 4 years.  Then Ron our Club’s bean counter was dieing so to help and on the recommendation of several I moved back to western Idaho. That’s when crap hit the fan, Cable-one’s claims were not accurate and a billing question became the end of that. Then I took on CenturyLink. After 6 months we got back on the air, and as such it came time to decide build it or kill it? Or at least put the radio op and our media werx in a state of hiatus until I could relocate to a more media friendly location. I reluctantly said lets give it one more try. Had the help of Kathleen and family, and thought we were on the go , sadly it was just taxi time on the old tarmac with no real command to take off. In June had every intention of shedding south western Idaho, and head at least to Boise. If not back to Evanston. Now understand Evanston is not some grand sweet shangrala or magical place. But it is a low cost version of Salt Lake City and only one hour at best from Utah’s capital City. Meaning resources are a bit more numerous than what’s as yet available in southwestern Idaho. Boise too has these kinds of things. Sadly even with all the hoopla that you hear from the greater Twin Falls Idaho area, its not yet ready for prime time. Which means for anything media you have to advertise like hell on places for talent on places like Facebook, hope you’ll find someone, ANYONE, that can walk in off the street, park their butts in a chair and go on air. Or if your looking to build a catchy , slightly upscale and yet maybe kinky website, you again need to advertise like hell, all over social media, spending thousands of dollars, and eating Raman noodles to find at least 3 if your lucky none Church biased ladies to come in and do some cover shoots, put that up on your web site so that when some single Wing nut, or gear head see’s your site they’ll at least stick around to see what its all about. So June came, yet PoohBear’s money got messed up somehow. So the move to Boise was scrubbed. Bout the second week of June I met Angel. She was the cat’s meow as far as ambition, and ability, but I also knew that having where she worked and where I lived was not going to last very long if at all and that there was all kinds of modern day maladies that could happen. So we searched for places. Saw one at the old Dick Dey Old’s Buick dealership in Twin, except every time we met with the owners the rent rate went up, until it was so out there I just said phooey. Then July, besides getting my car repoed, and the fact that I had to layoff Angel, I moved in here in this place in Jerome. Of course the problems surmounted into the stratosphere, to where now I had to get a temp job at DI. Still due to the delay, with CenturyLink, one gal quiting because of the stress of the project, the questions of A; why am I still here? and two, why would I care any whit, of those two other associates. I’m too busy just trying to survive, and as far as staying in Jerome instead of moving back into Wyoming, what do you think I am working at DI for? To make enough extra money, load my stuff and get my rumps outta here. Even thinking past the media werx of the Club, just talking towing. Do you realize that for every tow call I get for mY towing service here in the greater Jerome Idaho area, I get 5 to 8 calls from Evanston or that greater Wyoming area. There is no body really working that area, as far as motor clubs, insurance companies, or even just individual  calls.  10 calls a week mutiplied by $80.00 per call, that’s a shy over $3,000.00 a month I’m loosing out of my wallet being here. And you want to know why I want to go back there? $3,200.00 a month is a good reason. Plus rent is cheaper, food is slightly cheaper and there’s more to do in the social arena. So yea I have aspirations that way. So again I ask PoohBear, with that and the nuptuals on the near front door, why would I care if, two former or any former associates were single or moving to Twin Falls? Makes no sense.

See ya’ll around the Galaxy.

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