Is anyone minding the store at Facebook?

cropped-rebel-radio-cober.jpgPhooteNotes Is anyone minding the store at Facebook? Maybe its because I found that one thing that many on there yearn for; a good woman that loves and supports me, maybe its my old age, maybe its both. But while I love to see a younger lady in skin tight stockings or curvy legs these all of the time bikini’s and simply pure porn views on Facebook is really getting to me. Used to be if you even put such a thing on Facebook, you were suspended in violation of rules of service. Today looks like anybody or anyone engaged to anything sexual, or carnal lusts. Ever notice fewer and fewer media and Hollywood stars don’t post much if anything on Facebook any more? We as parents and Grandparents see our children looking at this smut and really with many of these pages or groups the only measure of verification of age is someone saying they’re over 18, really. Kid 13, years old, climbs on Facebook, looks at what supposed to be historical, and see’s skanky women in near or fully undressed status. Really, this is what Facebook has become? Seems like Faebook is taking the path of MySpace. They too started getting slutty and then it took Fox to buy the damn thing to fix it. It still isn’t. No wonder why Government leaders including President Trump is trying to fry Facebook. BTW ever see a posting on Facebook by President Trump? He leaves his stuff to Twitter. Now we all as male corpuscles have our carnal appetites, mine is tongue bathing feet toes and legs in nylon hose. That said, I’m still not going to exhibit that all over a social site like Facebok. Sure kissing a woman’s toes in nylon hose is kinky, but its not, in my opinion, as bad as always looking up some woman’s butt. Frankly looking up into a woman’s anal canal, and considering what exits that, just makes me sick. Looking straight into her Vajaa Jay, doesn’t twist my crank, that just looks like a dried up peach pit, no big thing to really look at. And looking at extra big bazzookas is no big thrill either, Big jugs to me is a waste as Bro once said, anything bigger than a mouth full is a waste. A super fine butt ain’t groovy. Anything bigger than palm sized cheeks is just blubber. Now then fine sweet curvy legs with no blemishes, smooth knees delicate toes and very caressable feet, now we’re talking and icing on that, means nylons of every kind and sort. But I got off track. The amount of smut on Facebook has become terrible. Even some southern so called groups and pages. They call themselves Southern, Redneck, Country and so on, if they were anything of the kind they would have much more respect for women, their elders and our Dixie Nation. Dixie was founded and resides on believing in God in Heaven, his Son Jesus Christ the Holy scriptures, and as he taught, no unholy thing never is seen by Heavenly Father. Fornication, For if you think of having sex with a woman its as bad as really doing it. God does not make a distinguishing of that nor of Adultry. Yet too many on Facebook seem to have forgotten that again even those who proclaim to be of southern breeding. Call me crazy if you want to, but when it comes to Facebook any more I call Uncle. What the Knytes are doing to fix that, in my next post. 

Night Ya’ll see me on the radio Friday night. 


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