Not everything that glitters is Gold


Not everything that glitters is Gold and too much panning, only make you older. Yesterday was great at work, busted my butt all day without lunch or one 10 minute break. But I quickly was getting too dehydrated. Never needed to squirt all day even though I was draining the facility’s water supply. By the time I got home the backs of my calves hurt, my feet felt like they had bee ran over by a bulldozer, But that’s not the worst of it. About 4:00 AM I awoke with both legs cramped to the point I could not move let alone stand up. So call the EMT’s went to hospital, found that, I had two small embelisms, in both legs. Too much activity too soon. Some purple stuff in a tube and was told to go home and rest for a day, so took the day off.  Plan on being there at DI first thing in the morning. Okay then, I have a question. Why is is that a knock down drop your stuff in the dirt, 18 year old is fishing in a pond of older guys and even getting close to fugduglies? Example this seatcover I call Kevyn, there at work is such a filly . Tuesday she wears this skirt that was so short if she farted you couldn’t help but see the whole show, she was wearing those yoga pants as leggings, but later in the afternoon she took off the Yoga pants. The DI handbook strictly prohibits such clothing. Then Wednesday she was all in a pant suit of such, but sporting a see through nighty style top. What department of DI, allows this? And does the dress code at least for the women, apply only in the sort center? Even the guys that work on the sales floor have to have black slacks. Granted us on the docks up to a point  are allowed T shirts and jeans but nothing with Logos, yet several of us are wearing such. While not everybody that works there is a member of the Church even one lady I know is a Muzzlim, yet certain church standards apply. Yet are really not enforced. Why is that? Oh and forget devotionals on Mondays, in fact if you did not know better , you would see hardly anything to do with the Church, you’d think our Church wasn’t in charge of it. But at least being home today, we have the system installed so by this weekend should be back on air. 

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