Why is it that just when you get to a point you can go potty, someone is on the phone?

Why is it that just when you think you have a few minutes to go hit the head, someone is on the phone? Or at the door, or a donator shows up on the island? Part of the reason I never got a chance yesterday to go drain the main vein at work, was every time I thought I could, here was some body else dropping off stuff. That Dock is my domain right now, and I do my best work there. But no potty time. Then PoohBear will call, just at the time I head for the potty. Which means gotta stop in mid grunt, go find the damn cell phone, then parlay into the room , but by the time I get to my phone, she done hung up. 

So finally CenturyLink showed up today, got us all hooked up on the super system, after how long now? Which means every damn site that requires a log in, has to be redone with passwords and all. But can’t do that for long, as need to be at DI at 08:00 , I’m not loosing this job. 

Then there’s this situation with a couple of the Dock crew. Seems as though every honey that looks hot, and there are many that pulls through to make a donation, that these guys are making snyde remarks./ Was orientation so long ago that these guys forgot how to tether their carnal feelings much less their comments? I’m just waiting for some big Paul Bunyan type guy and his SO, to pull through and one of these Dock workers to yap the wrong way and that Paul Bunyan to climbe out and plaster one of these guys. Watch and see if a policy change there doesn’t get done. 

On the radio front. This time its going to be done right. I’m not just jumping on air and barking or howling. We got in a rush in Wendell, systems were not tested, programming wasn’t put in place and preytell no on air people especially women on air’s. We paid dearly for that, a bunch of this networks trust got eroded and reputation took a dive. As such we as a radio network needs to earn back that trust and heal our reputation. This means that methodically I need to produce and bring programming back, renew contracts and pray we can gain some our reputation back. 

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