No Facebook I don’t know these other people.


I’m beginning to think that the infamous giant of social media is about to fall. Just today heard that a security breech that compromised some 50, million facebook users. Yep 50, million. Some couldn’t even log into their accounts. Then you get the fiasco of the election fixing from Russia that was a lack of security on the part of Facebook, and it begins to feel like we are headed back to such sites as Lycos. Then there is that thing that comes up, asking maybe there’s someone here you might know. Fact is I don’t and the skanks and dorks they ask me about are people that I wouldn’t want to know in the first place. Yet just about every smb show I watch it says that facebook is a good marketing platform. Hey I have an idea. Pony up $100.00 a month, and we here at HazzardAyre will run your ads in  targeted markets,consumers and watch your earnings increase. In fact even Facebook can’t tell you for sure if your audience is getting your message, and your not going to buy a facebook ad with unlimited airings for $100.00 a month, but you can buy that kind of coverage from us at HazzardAyre Radio. So no Facebook I don’t know these people you suggest and I really don’t want to. Then there’s the Porn sites on Facebook. Likewise the modeling so called with young ladies that wouldn’t make a pimple on a models butt. Why put those things up for me to like? Yes we do audition and hire talent from time to time, and greenhorn talent is having trouble finding bookings. Maybe they should have signed up with us at some point before now, right? Of course taking a walk through Facebook’s fields, you find that any more there is no decent content. The decline in retention of viewers to Facebook, happened shortly after President Trump, explaining to Zuckerburg that the news or much of it, was fake-news. So Facebook, pulled its independent news feeds and news writers. So what’s to really keep your interest? A bunch of porn queens, and people cussing up a storm? I’ll be gall darn if I’d let my Grandkids mess around on FB. 

Big doings later today so got to hit the rack, see you on the radio at 18:00 on: 

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