At least mine got here, and do you look at noses?

Good morning, feelings of dread no longer hover over my head at least as of this hour. Guess there’s people at the U.S. Treasury Department that does issue money on the weekends as this morning, looked into my bank account, and whammo there is money there, less the $256.00 that I owed the bank for covering my overdrafts. Now just waiting for PoohBears money and what I earn at DI to cover the rest. How does money get taken out of an account without pre authorization? Seems my PoohBear got her money swiped by some sinister witchy diva her brother was hooked up to once. Could the brother be covertly helping her? Seems quite suspicious. There are things that go into accessing an account, even if you are the prime beneficiary. Security questions, from what’s your old lady’s maiden name, to nearly her shoe size, is asked don’t know? No dough. So somebody especially someone that knows PoohBear and family, is aiding this diva witch. But at least mine got here, albeit late. This outfit called Amscot that PoohBear banks with. These collateral based credit cards is for the pigons. Once Uncle Sam posts your money who knows where it goes and if there’s a problem like that of which my PoohBear is wadlling through, who do you go smack around a bit? Wells Fargo got hammered by the Feds for pilfering money out of peoples accounts, amongst other things, but thing is overall I’d rather deal with an FDIC regulated bank , not some online credit card outfit. Or in Poohbears’s Amscot account. Now people in Etown at Lotty’s or what was Lotty’s would disagree here, but the Wells Fargo, withdrew some $500.00 or so from my account and paid some loan shark in ETown, twice for a payday loan I took out there once. When that happened I took my banking to 1st Bank, and been very satisfied ever since. 

Okay then; Ya’ll know that I’m into feet, toes and curvy legs in nylons right? Okay then, that said I’m beginning to notice more that I’m observing noses more. While having a cute small button nose like 

Jayne_Wisener or even a celebrity nose like that of Kerri Russell keri_russell_pregnant1 still the nose in my opinion makes the look. Or at least flatters. I seem to observe such things here more. I really don’t know why. Its not that I’m looking for a fling of any kind, my body and heart belongs to my PoohBear, but from the point of a video producer and all I look to see what would be great on camera and that, which might detract from a close up camera shot. However some celebrities that I admire even have a slight trunk nose. Example: Alex Wherley from Business Rockstars and such fame. From the front of her , you really can’t get a look at how her nose is constructed. 

Yet if there is a profile or side shot 

you can see the slight beak she has. Although stunningly beautiful in her own right and her success is outstanding , certain superficial traits are still there, and can be, in my opinion a deterent in casting her. As for me, besides the everything small and all, from nose to toes, from ultra flat belly to Wrangle Cowgirl jeans small behind, I do observe models more if they fit that criteria, if they don’t I’m not as apt to hiring them. 

HazzardAyre/Rebel-Radio will be on air this afternoon in testing and on air with a full show at 6pm Mountain Standard Time, which can be heard all along the Hazzard Nation Network and online at 

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