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Welcome to Rebel Radio’s Stinky News.

The #metoo movement extends to every industry, and just about if not every vocation. The extent of course, (if it becomes a problem) is related to how well you know her (or him). Which begs the question? Just how well do you know her? The situation even on a agreeable format can all of a sudden turn ugly. Example, you’ve been having a groovy evening, the food was good, your there, Barry White is on the old Marantz Stereo, and wine is flowing. She gives you the nod and in the room you go, all seems on a grand path, when all of a sudden she screams, pushes you away. When this happens its usually an indication of a prior sexual assault or near to it. Oh and yes even us male corpuscles can experience this. Although the fear can stimulate the wrong muscles. Could this have been what this Ms. Ford is barking about that’s holding up the Kavanugh confirmation hearings? On that, seems as though the Democrats may just secure both the house and senate in the mid term elections. The noise from DC is if they do, plan is to give old Trump the Boot. Which if they do, puts Mike Pence in the oval office, and he’s so in bed with Trump that it will be the same thing. If that happens however such milestone projects such as the Mexican Wall, will never get finished since both houses of Congress wont vote to fund it. Talk about an unfinished hole in the screen door. There’s an old saying in advertising that says, if you don’t have it for sale, don’t advertise. This also applies to women/men in the work place. Example its just like my experiences at work this past week. While not everything flirty is this way and 90% of it is innocent, but if a gal is going to parade around a workwith mostly males working there say like on the dock area, in super tight, very short outfits, or as was Friday a bright orange flowing dress with a tight black synthetic fabric top, she has to expect some of the fully charged males in the Dock area to at least be looking and thinking, wonder what it’d be to take that around the block. As for myself, I don’t get all that much excited. I have my sweet PoohBear, who I love more than near life itself. I know that if,(albeit blamed for such on a regular basis) but I’d never step out on my PoohBear, for a ton of reasons, but mostly because I love her too much. Even with her money management problems, I still yearn for us to be together here in Idaho, building a life and business together. But for those single guys on the dock at DI, having someone prancing around spreading pheremones, and all, one of those guys are going to want a taste, when that happens, and it will, the guy is going to get blamed. Shouldn’t the girl in this case be sat down and told “Don’t do that !” ? Likewise why isn’t the woman asked, “What did you do to encourage that behavior?” Granted there are some guys who do use their status and all to victimize a woman , but in normal situations, the gal is equally , in my opinion, to blame. In other words gals don’t stick your butts in someone’s face and not expect to get that butt kissed.  Just some of what we’ll be talking about tonight on Rebel Radio, tune in online at 

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