Day off my ass, and I’m grooving on the FB group Shits and Giggles.

Stinky News

So I get my butt outta bed at 07:00 scarf down a mini Hostess coffee cake, and cocoa milk. Head for work. Get all prepped to get busy on the Dock, when Dan comes up and says, it’s your day off, seems as though I was to work on Saturday, but never saw my name on the schedule. Okay drift back here to the Knyte’s Hall, and began my day of building this radio thing. Thing is the fellers who are emfadic about splitting up all the natural gas meters and their piping work, is getting somewhat irritating. So because of the external infernal noise which is preventing a good afternoon edition of Rebel Radio, I’m here carving out copy for the blog here. Now I have seen pages and groups on facebook, some stay, some go others get the boot from Zuckerburg’s staff, but those groups just regroup, and come back under a different name, but the contents are the same. So I’m grooving on this new group I stumbled upon called Shits and Giggles, on old FB. Seems as though FB is allowing more questionable content and such on FB simply to retain viewers to the site, to sell advertising. The situation is and I’m all for that, just need to get more education on the subject of Social media ads especially Facebook. Not that I don’t groove on some of the responses we’ve gotten, there just need to figure out how to turn a LIKE into a buy with $’s. On the subject of $’s. There’s this new money thing out now called Block chain. I really have no idea how it works, but if its something that could expidite money flowing into my bank account I’m all for it. Block Chain and Crypto currency seems to be gainig some traction. It was once thought that BlockChain was the secret of the hacker pirate computer community. However ts changing and becoming one of, if not one of the fastest financial investment tools of the next decade and Century. Crypto currency is not geared to just one nation, its a world wide currency serving all. This will get interesting. Stay tuned. See ya’ll at 18:00

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