For once I won on FB, and here we go again.

Doing some computer tuning this morning so no overnight show, but will be on Monday night at 19:00 hours. Okay, car payment crisis averted, as I made my car payment Saturday morning. Shy $200.00 then that’s over and the car is paid for. Pretty good, they wrote up the payment contract for 36 months and I paid off $3500.00 for the car in just one year. Not bad for someone that all too many considered un responsible. Problem is it leaves me short for the rent on this joint I live in, since once again somehow PoohBear’s money got fuggled up. I have never seen such things. How could a albeit it can happen, but an outfit like Amscot based out of Tampa Florida, abscound with PoohBear’s money? Either there’s a serious security protocol problem at Amscot, or some real documentation hiccups or someone or something smells fishy. My suspicion is that the diversion of funds comes from two sources, her Aunt, where she lives and/or her brother. Seems as when the brother is not involved or on the road trucking, things with PoohBear’s money remains steady. In my opinion something smells and it ain’t cow manure. If I didn’t Love my PoohBear as much as I do, and as deeply as I do, this kind of thing would be since its not just once or twice, but constantly, a reason, to unload the stress. But hey that’s what she has me for. Just don’t know where I’ll be hanging my hat in the long term. Will keep you posted. I think I can make up most of it through wages from DI and the radio station here, now that we are back on the air, but its going to cause that black cloud to hang over my head. Going to contact the Bishop Tuesday or so and see what I can do there. Okay then.

Ya’ll know that I have had my battles with Facebook, and for the most part they hate me and if I had a choice I’d never use Facebook again. That said seems as though I can play on a level playing field. There was and I say was a FB group called Sickiees , that really was sick. However for the most part I ignored the bad and laughed at some of the humor. But there was two posts made that really was over the top. So I popped the report button and got an instant reply, no more sickee group, and the pic removed. Now if FB could or would clean up the rest of their site. Speaking of FB, and I don’t know enough computer coding abilities to do it, but the Knytes and I were talking earlier, what if you could build a social site like Facebook, but regionalize it, rather than have it be worldwide? That way if somebody your chatting with or such wanted to meet for a cup of Java, somewhere you could, without it being 2,000 miles away, or if you saw something you’d like to buy was within a 150 mile or less journey away. One of our members who lives near Microsoft is going to go pitch the idea to them as well as some other VC’s(Venture Capitalists) to see if we can raise some seed money to get that idea going. And finally and I need to set time away from DI to do it and all , as well as see about getting a thing to go across borders, but I have been invited to be on the Business 101 TV show for our radio/media efforts. Looks like we are popular even in maple leaf country. Any mile 06:00 comes very early so its off to read scripture then off to bed. See ya’ll on the radio, on: Home of HazzardAyre and Rebel Radio.

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