Can a man love another man without it being queer?I truly love my Brother Rick.

I have often wondered if a man really loves another man as a MC Brother or such does that mean he might be seen by others as being queer? If so who cares. See there’s a really cool guy in Etown Wyoming that at first it was hard to connect, since his other half at the time made me a bit mad when she shorted me a bit of $’s. However when we reopened a shop together, that went into the breeze, and we have became the dearest of friends. When he hurts, I hurt, I try to stay in touch as much as I can, but my own responsibilities just trying to survive, after another money snafu, through PoohBear has made it to where, I can’t get down to even do work on LexiBelle, nor just groove with Rick. And with winter as it is rapidly approaching has me tense since I can’t be out towing, rather than killing myself at Deseret Industries. Don’t get me wrong, my job at DI is okay, but I’d much be happier making $80.00 an hour towing, than $8.00 an hour at DI, and praying that I don’t get the boot from where I live. The only reasons I’m still here is simple, pay off the Little General, and fix my mini truck. Once those two are done, I’m looking at ETown, shortly after PoohBear and I get married in February. 

PhooteNotes So yesterday as I reported last night, in the attempt to hoist a heavy bag of clothes into the clothes cart at work, hey don’t laugh, these carts are 7 foot tall made out of steel, and people pack trash bags so damn full, that they get heavy. So in attempting to heave this bag of clothes over my head into that cart, I dislocated my shoulder. But as to not wimp out I kept on working. Early this morning I couldn’t even move my arm, I was in serious pain, so called work, Dan told me that I had the day off any way, so no problem. My arm is still very sore. I have it retracted like the arms of the robot on Lost in Space(loved that TV show) Thank God for Goody’s Powders. So as it is , I did some computer work, worked on graphics, and thank Goodness my landlord and all is being patient with me. Even Dusty where I bought the Little General from is being patient. Now if I can just get PoohBear to find the $600.00 I need to pay the rent and such I can cover the rest through wages. So how was your day? 

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