If you think working at our thrift shop is easy, I have news for you, I’m going to be dragging.

If you think that working at Deseret Industries a thrift shop, owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is easy, I have news for you, its real physical muscle building, stinking work, at least on the docks. There’s all the unloading of donations, some real light sometimes like clothing, then there’s the furniture, power tools and so on. It’s not just the merchandise its the people donating. I have to stand there, greet them with a smile and be forgiving when they start to unload things themselves and put it on the wrong rack cart. Sure there’s the foxes that run through the unloading dock, I mean some are drop dead honeys then there’s the older ones, and some that bark up calling me Santa Clause. Made me want to ask, wanna sit on my lap and discuss what you want for Christmas? Then there are the grumpy old and younger foggies that drive up. Then there are the customers that can’t speak hardly any English. Like yesterday a gal mid 20’s from Nigeria, think I could explain what was going on? Forget about it, I had to have my friend Sal, explian things. Then there are those Church purists, where if you cuss just a slight puts these people out of joint. With some of them there is just no reasoning. So you do your job, shut up. Of course there’s putting the items, some of which should be repurposed, not just thrown away. Especially the tons of movies and all, if its a film not rated G or PG, it gets tossed, Church standards. Makes you want to cry. Then there’s being on your feet all day, sometimes hours waiting for a customer. It is challenging. But besides the pay check of all of $7.28 and hour, I also know that the salvage job I’m doing is going to help someone in some nation that have nothing. 

Speaking of which I need to be awake at 06:00 so night ya’ll see you on the Radio, at: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

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