Oh its okay to show naked butts and nipples on Facebook, but banning our rebel flag is okay? Phooey .

So its okay to show naked or bare breasts or breast nipples on Facebook, but FB is trying to ban the rebel flag? What’s up with that? Sure looking at puss, jugs and buns is okay, however if I want to see that the local bikini bar satisfies that craving. However what I’m getting to here is this: FB is very choosy any more, what constitutes as a part of history, of heritage, of ancestry, is being banned, but not smut? That isn’t right. Yet I see all things over sexy, things that make most if not all cringe in disgust, although many wont say it, things that wouldn’t have been allowed on FB just a few years ago. Of course FB with all its problems, is costing young Mark, so to retain your attention FB is allowing smut. Question is, is making that all mighty ad dollar for FB so important that FB sells its soul and looks beyond decency? This is one of those things that makes what I was howling about earlier so important.


Imagine if you went to your TV and on late night or one of those off cable networks during the overnight or weekend infomercial hours and saw a infomercial proclaiming the decency and the historical and all of our Confederacy. An infomercial that actually had a Confederate history lesson on it. Then imagine, that same infomercial becoming a weekend TV show. Teaching our youth the real story of the war of northern invasion? This is what we’re raising funds for, not just the radio op. While I applaud the posting on many pages in groups and all of my last post here, and the I like thumbs up and all, I did not see even one person stand up and say, okay, here’s my $50.00 . If everyone of the people that are a part of those groups, ponied up $50.00 each we could raise enough money to produce such a TV thing. I have already contacted a national TV network that is willing to take the gamble and air such a infomercial as well as TV show on the weekends, but it takes money. I will close this with this and it’s very simple, Either your a Confederate Rebel, or your not. If not, don’t front like you are.

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