Did Superman ever have to sleep? I know I sure do.

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Do you ever wonder about those Super heros we grew up on watching on TV and in movies? Even some Scifi TV shows , hardly anyone went to bed. By the same token , no body ever needed to go to the toilet. Yup, no potty. Wuzz up with that? Ever hear Capt. Kirk say to Spock, ” Hey Spock I gotta go shit, hold off those Romulan’s for a few as I go pee-ewe. Naw you never hear that. Capt. Picard never did. As an advid viewing fan I never heard Commander Data say, Capt, don’t you need to go unload your bowels? Even Worf after bangin Deana Troy, never said, damn I need to go piss after that. Yet as mere mortals I know I need poop, piss, and sleep. Tried to run out a overnight haul, but the body and the mind were in contention to that idea. Thank goodness I don’t have to report to work until 10:00 hours. With that said, I will see you all on the radio this evening at 19:00 Hours.

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