This was a grand day from hell

This was a grand day from hell. Started off good, but by 11:30 hours, here came the asswhipe from Wendell, the prick repoed the Little General. So I was about fit to be tied. So made a ton of calls to get some rapid fire help. Thank goodness God was listening, my Bishop here in Jerome, jumped in paid the Little General off and all is right with the world. This wouldn’t have been so bad had it not been at the place I work. But at least now I have one less thing to worry about. 

So with that escapade, I got in a real bad mood with an attitude. One Super jumped my ass when I was taking a break, the only 10 minute one I had, had all day, trying to get a ride home. At first called Kathleen, but didn’t get through, but again my Bishop here had the Ward Clerk, come fetch me at 17:45 hours then flew over to fetch my car. Now I understand that these people at DI are not exactly too tightly wrapped especially the supervisors. Most have a serious onery , bitchy attitude, and most get on a power trip. Yes they are in charge but, when its extenuing circumstances you’d think a bit of the kindness the Church and Heavenly Father teaches could have been extended. For sure next week a few phone calls and a few emails are being made to DI’s head cheeses in Salt Lake City. Some body’s ass is going to fry. Any way its eat and latrine, be on air later.

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