The grand day of hell might have a slight silver lining.

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After yesterday and all I’m hedging and not going in to DI today. Now I could say the truth and tell all that because of some supervisors on a power trip, that need a serious attitude adjustment. No, using the repo scene from yesterday, just going to say I had no way over there, as the place that had my car was closed by the time we got there and as such will report in as scheduled Monday. 

When it comes to workplace leadership, I compare it to being a Vice President of a bikers organization. Or even our flight club. The old adage of you can gain more flies with honey than you can with vineager applies. Sure people make mistakes, and yes at times a course correction is needed, that said there is a kinder method and saving even the smallest bit of dignity, by quietly saying this is not adhering to the rules or policy, one does not need to yell at someone, nor degrade someone just because they goofed up. I do plan on talking to the CEO over there at DI, on Monday, but the thing is there are practices that need corrected. Like out on the dock where I work, some hours we are swamped out there busting butt unloading cars, trucks, SUV’s and so on of donations made to the store. Your moving and you get good excersize. However there are also days when hours go by that you don’t see anyone, now true straightening up the rack carts is important, but that only takes a very short time, would it hurt someone to allow someone to sit down waiting in anticipation of the next donation customer? For that matter, allowing someone with special needs have some leway. Example I have type 2 diabetes. Several times during the day I need to test my blood. Allowing me to do so, and take medicine to correct imbalances of glucose enables me to work more efficiently. More-over one with type 2 diabetes needs to urinate more often, as well as keep hydrated. Would it hurt to give a bit of understanding in that matter rather than chew someone’s ass just because you need to excuse yourself for more than two 10 minute breaks, so one can test blood or go pee? One of Heavenly Fathers biggest commandments and most extend from this, it is Love your fellow person as you would like them to love you. More over do unto others as you would have them do unto you. For an extension of our church DI at least DI of Twin Falls Idaho, they sure do not follow the commandments very good. On the sitting thing, I looked at my legs tonight taking my bath. There are spots of blood just under my skin, at my ankles. I remember the last time that started was when I had that old blood clot, in 2011. The doc wanted to put me in the hospital, but I said no, sometime I’ll explain that bit of my medical trivia. Any mile, While long periods of sitting can cause this, likewise standing without moving around much can also cause this condition. Look I really dig on the crew of guys I work with on the Dock, many of which help me when its stuff too heavy for me to lift, its these Power hungry supervisors that need to be taken down a few steps. So even though its smudging the truth a bit, my repo thing of my car Friday, gives me an excuse to stay home and heal my lower limbs.

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