Ever get the feeling that the majority of everything IoT is directed towards women ages 16 to 50?


Ever get the feeling that most everything at least Internet related is directed or targeted towards women ages 16 to 50? Example; I did a search on Google, to see if there was a something I could buy that’d make my crotch less stinky. Guess what? The results of 50 results were about women’s vaginas. Not mens crotches. What’s up with that? Everyday I get this thing from a religious denomination called CrossWalk. There’s a sermon, and a prayer. Even there, there’s more of the sermon and all directed at women. Hey guys have spiritual shortcomings too, how about a little attention given towards us male corpuscles? Even Facebook, it says is 80% or better women again ages 15 to about 50 years old. Yes there are groups for us guys, but the majority of even those groups are created by women, that not always but the majority of women secretly trolling for a mate. 

I remember back in 2003 0r so when TNN was rebranded as Spike-TV(Now Paramount TV) the idea that Spike Lee who created the network, that outside of his creating a platform, for wife Pamela Anderson to display her feathers on a one of detective series, but the idea that SPIKE TV was created on, was finally a channel that was directed to, and programmed for men. One of my favorite series on that network was Manswers. That answered questions men care about. Such as:

Finally here was a network that gave the middle finger to so much women crap and directed its attention to us guys. Sadly SPIKE-TV and Manswers caved to the feminazi’s but for a time, we had our own channel. Can there be a salvation here? Yes; its coming in the form of a split network called HazzardAyre/Rebel-TV that will premier in the fall of 2019. Not only carrying programming towards us rebels with a cause, but too to all men. Answering the most important questions. Movies and special features for guys, With us giving that middle finger back to the feminists. 

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I had every intention of doing a show overnight, but by the time I downloaded all the shows contents including the rebroadcast of Saturday’s session of LDS conference, I was so tired that I was sleeping on the console, so I went in , read some scripture and am on my way to the Wolf’s hut, to snag me some sleep. So I will see ya’ll on the radio at 16:00 hours online at http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf and over the air on: KTOW FM 105.7 Hazzard Idaho. 

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