I howl of that which few dare and sorry about not being on air, will be Tuesday evening.

This has always been me and a curse or perhaps a blessing , but I am a true proponent of fight the system, anti-establishment , full anarchist. That said I say and do what few dare to do. When it comes to certain things like FakeBook, and all, I really don’t care. FakeBook has became in many respects the cesspool of social media. After all who ever said I was social, more like Jesus Christ was, a social outcast, or if you will, a social outlaw. Think about it, Jesus was the original 1%er outlaw. Few loved him, many despised him, and he was always being sought by the law for speaking the truth no matter who he hit between the eyes. With that said here let’s move on here. 

So there were two FB groups I joined, that I might have said a few off color comments about. Instead of giving a warning, the admins took all but one post down. That’s been going on a lot lately. See in my view, its okay for women to post naked or very nearly naked pics up, but if a guy does it, oh he is labled evil and the post is taken down and he is put in that place called suspended status aka FakeBook Jail. Why is that? Is it that those commie, Oriental FakeBook male employees running around Palo Alto California love to see naked women, but not a naked or sharp looking guy? I would think that being nestled in Gay bay that those FakeBook fellers would like to see a near naked guy. Lol. A few years ago, I saw a posting on one of the rebel groups, that said, under this flag csaflag no Native American’s were ever killed, no Native American Women were ever raped or otherwise by a Confederate, yet under old Glory, and the Union Militia were.  Yet when I posted such on a Native America group site, guess what ? Yep it got removed. Truth hurts don’t it? Every time I see something about FB removing and/or banning our rebel flag, somebody ripping down one of our sacred Confederate monuments, or just plan cussing out our Confederacy of which most likely they too were in fact or are a ancestor of one of those who fought that war of Northern Invasion. It just makes my grey blood boil. Why not blame the crap on the Northern Yankee Union, not that of the Confederacy? Just once and I may not live long enough to see it, but just once I’d like to see a full national holiday, or remembrance of Robert E Lee, StoneWall Jackson, or my great , great, great Grandfather General Montgomery. Yes a Confederate General. Over 80, million decendants are of the Confederacy, few admit it, many of us applaud it. Many honor it. If we are to remember Columbus , lets remember those from south of the Mason Dixon Line that fought a terrible war. Oh and remember a few years ago, when I asked about if Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Doctrine concerning that great war, and no body seemed to know? Well upon careful study, I found the answer. Section 87 of the D&C has the entire story of it, and it was predicted about three centuries before it happened. The Church was giving a nod to the South, not the North, now isn’t that special? Now on to why not on air tonight.

As you all know, On Friday for the last time, the little greedy fellers from Wendell, Idaho from Happy, Happy, Motors came over to DI to repo the Little General. They just could not wait for me to pay their precious $200.00 left on the car. Thank God he was listening, as my Bishop here jumped in and saved the car, by using his Credit Card to pay that off. Any mile up to that point I was busy on my cell phone working on that, plus arranging for me to get a way home as well as to go fetch the Little General, in Wendell. I was fit to be tied and I mouthed off. I was to go to work Saturday, but didn’t simply because we never got the green light to go fetch the car until 16:30 Saturday, by that time the shift was over. And last night by the time I got done doing downloading conference , I was too pooped to even think of going in to work today. So I have a meeting with powers that be at 10:00 Hours in the AM morning, so need to catch some sleep after I study scripture. And that’s that story.

See you on the air Tuesday Night on; http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 


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