One thing I have learned in life, is don’t bomb bridges, and a mix tape? Haven’t heard that idea in years.


Be verwee quiet, landlord creeping around wants to siphon blood out of my turnip. 

One thing amongst others that I have learned in life is that you don’t burn or bomb bridges. Especially if that bridge might come in handy. Example; With eyes on relocation back to where LexiBelle is at and all of that, eyes are on ETown Wyoming. There’s a gal there, that might could help locate a hidden place where I can make a home for me and Poohbear. Yet PoohBear doesn’t like her, because, PoohBear regards her as a threat. Which in reality is bunk, since PoohBear has me for life. That said I have in my life kicked to the curb, many professional as well as personal relationships, that today I could utilize as a resource. Another example, my good friend Nate, member of the Toew Bro’s Club. A subsidiary of the Knytes, for those going heavy haul towing, which Nate does. Mid year this year, he and I got in a scrap online and as such defriended him on FB. Now that I’m prowling for a Wolf’s Den in Etown could use his help.  One on FB said its best to always be honest. I agree, however there are times that you can’t be, and still save a reputation. Several examples: If your lady asks, ” Does this make me look fat?” The wise man needs to fib, or he’s sleeping on the porch. If someone introduces you to a new born and says ain’t it cute?” The worst thing you can say is; ” naw that kid looks so butt fugdugly looks like it hit the fugdugly tree and all the branches”. Then there are times, you just don’t say all that there is; Example, and she did not know better, but PoohBear and I were looking at an office space in Etown few years ago. Was a former law office at the right price per month, might have saved me from moving here to Idaho. PoohBear had to say to the new maybe landlord, that it’d be great for the MC. Which it was for, yet saying it was for an MC made the lady we were going to rent from retreat. If she had just left it at a Veteran’s Aviation organization, we would have been in like flint. Just like Friday at DI, had I bit my lip, and not got an attitude with two supervisors my job would still be intact. I think it still is, but I’m going to have to talk like a Dutch Uncle to save it. While that bridge is not yet bombed still it is on very shaky ground. Sometimes its best to just shut up. Just like PoohBear and her money. I believe her when she says it got fugled up, but SSA don’t fuggle up that much or that often, and that Amscot? Maybe there is someone there handing off money of others off of PoohBear’s account, yet I gotta think, that Amscot, must have either very poor IT security, or there’s something other than the ocean that’s fishy there. BTW her brother still owes the Club $350.00 from two years ago. Now if you burn Bridges, or seriously bomb one, when you need to tap a resource, its just not there. 

Now then; saw a question on a FB group, that inspired the Whiskey with a side of Grease, the post asked if you wanted to make a mix tape, who would you want on it? Do people still make mix tapes? or even mix CD’s any more? I know I do, because standard over the air radio bores me to tears, and the talk stations, are just pure junk. We even have one here, that I used to work at, doing a show as if he were Jesus Christ. Watch how fast that one get’s burned . But do folks still make mix tapes? Do people still have a cassette deck in their rides or at home?  Maybe there’s a bit of maturity creeping into FB, ya’ll think? 

Rebel Radio has been pushed out until 21:00 , see ya’ll there. at 




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