Whiskey with a side of grease

Not a day goes by that I don’t get at least 20 telemarketers calling me wanting to rebuild our website. Of that 20 there’s at least 16 of them from India or some foreign nation. Sorry friends, but if they ain’t American and can’t speak southern English well enough for me to understand them, I ain’t doing business with them, no how no way. 

Now I’m not a big President Trump supporter, as I think he’s a crook, about to thwart the entire constitution, but he was the lesser of two evils. That said, Trump has done what I say was and is a bold move for all of  America, putting the skids on foreign business’s and those taking American jobs. More over if every small business person said no to foreign companies and said only American’s and American firms will I do business with or buy from, I think our nation could heal its own economy. I believe in keeping my money in America, paying American taxes and supporting the American economy and American worker, not sending my money overseas. More over if you hand off your ecommerce to some India-n developer, including passwords etc, how the hell do you know that developer isn’t going to sell it to the highest bidder?  It’s kind of like this new tech called BlockChain, and BitCoin, How the hell do you know yet, that its safe. Everyone says that’s the upcoming thing, yet in reality it needs good old fashioned American(mostly) dollars and traditional banks to grease its wheels. I say , lets wait until the bugs are worked out of that before we devote money real money into it.

Okay, last night I was stressed about going over to DI, today, of what had happened there Friday what with Little General being repoed and all, and after doing radio production(more on that in a minute) and with 06:00 I was bushed. So using the repo excuse, I stayed home to do my own commerce. Thing is this; Since mid 2014 we rather I have let the radio op slide, a lot. More over going towing. My job here for the Knytes is the radio op, what keeps me in this gig, is me going towing. But since mid 2014 we have just let the thing slide. Oh I’ll get to that in a few days has been the song sung around here. Enough. If I’m going to pay out the wahzoo, for a facility, and telecom systems damn it I’m going to make it pay, more over with going towing with LexiBelle still in limbo, that isn’t going to change quickly, but that too will change. With me not going over to DI, today and needing to have a meeting at 10:00 hours tomarrow, I have a feeling that gig is kaput, so I thought, hey, while LexiBelle is still on the mend, why not put my shoulder to the wheel on radio and media? After all if I’m paying most of the money for that lets stick this critter into second gear, and let out the clutch. And at $7.00 an hour I’m working my ass off, and getting very little, shit McDonalds employees make at least $9.00 to start. I’d rather be making my usual $80.00 an hour going towing, as well as the $50.00 an hour on radio. After all as well, the main reason, I relocated from Wendell Idaho over here to Jerome, and have went through a living hell in both , is to build the gall dangest online radio for Confederate GearHeads on the planet. N0w dig this; The FCC is about to put into the Rule making process and open a window for new license apps, for the new Class-4 radio radio segment. It means low power stations like ours can up our juice a bit from 500 watts or less to 12,000 watts or so. If we get our crap in gear here we could have the sweet cheese of both online radio as well as standard over the air terrestrial radio. But its not going to happen with me slaving away from crumb cake wages at DI. With the Repo thing, and now Little General paid off now, there is no need for me to remain in western Idaho. I have been talking to a guru in Randolph Utah about swapping frequencies and exchanging the licensing . He wants to live over here, I am all for being in western Wyoming, thus my sails are poised towards that end point. Bottom line its time to cut the losses and gather up the crew and say we are through with Western Idaho. It just don’t pay. 

Check out our new Facebook group Whiskey with a Side of Grease. And I’ll catch you on the radio here at 19:00 hours.

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