If the claims were true, it would be amazing,

The ring on the phone says, ” Welcome to CenturyLink” the Hispanic translation and a very long wait to speak to some one at the company, who does not have a single clue as to what your talking about. But they put you on the ignore button, that plays the same old music that we heard when the company was nearly Mountain Bell. At least then there was a office locally where you could get some help. So now here we are, one month after finally getting the 20/20 system connected, yet 20 down and 20 up is not happening. So again I called, no idea they said. Now then I do get the email bill, but that bill is not for here. Its for our old connection in Wendell Idaho, that I had turned off by Jana, just before we moved from there and here to Jerome. Which was reconnected with a different number this is the simple DSL connection, not the 20/20. Did somewhere the memo get lost? So then Jana get the ball rolling for the 20/20, which originally was to be a 30/30 fiber connection. But site engineer said couldn’t be done here. Okay, then it should have been that CenturyLink should have refunded nearly $10,000.00 in our lost revenue and all so we could have got the local cable system installed. Nope be there next week. Okay it took 2-1/2 weeks since it took that long for the people in where we were moving into to move out. So Greg shows, had the gear except the old gear would not work here. Had to reorder the router, and CP for this location here in Jerome.  2 weeks later it shows up, but not here. Delivered to the wrong address. Instead of 209 North Lincoln, it went to 209 South Lincoln. Of which a unknowleged clerk at a womens clothing store put the box and all on a storage room shelf. Greg goes down there, fetches the new router, except the order gets put on hold again. All the while at $500.00 an hour for nearly 3 months in lost ad revenue is lost. With much work between Jana, Greg and a few higher ups in that company the right things finally show up, but one problem, over the stress of it, Jana quits and goes to work for a competitor in Utah, Now who is my account rep? Since the final installation, I have not heard anything from my new account rep, some guy named Zollinger. Where did Hope, and all go? Who is looking after my needs? All the while, while it does work only marganaly still its not of the $600.00 a month that I’m supposed to pay, nor am I even getting a printed bill. With that, know this; Changes are coming, and our location in Wyoming will not be served by CenturyLink. Hello AllWest. 

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