Today was not one of my better days, and if you want to make friends sometimes you have to be the one that extends the hand.


Well today was not one of my better days, and if I seem a bit off overnight understand I’m not myself. See at 09:00 just before I was to show for work, I got a call from LifeFlight, saying they were enroute to St. Als, in Boise with my Daughter Loraine. She had suffered a Pulminary Embleizm (okay I can’t spell it) It is a blood clot that if not relieved could go to her lungs and heart, could I meet them at St. Al’s? So I called Dan at work, took the last of what money I had and cruised to Boise. They were just wheeling her into surgery when I arrived. So I sat in the waiting room, watched ten episodes of Jessie on the Disney Channel, there and finally she came out and I sat there until 16:00 and only came home so I could go to work in the AM at DI. Being here not knowing is what’s hard, wish PoohBear’s money would have been on time and that I hadn’t had to pay up on my car as I had to, that way I could be there by Loraine’s side in the hospital. Okay then, With all of this I’m not walking solo here, I have to march to the beat of a different bugler as such my time is not my time. All for $7.30 an hour, when I could be making $80.00 an hour or so at the place in Evanston. So PoohBear sends me this text that says that she didn’t feel welcome in Evanston. Heck when I first got there I felt that way, but I started getting into the community, going to meetings, church, and other places and over time took nearly a year finally Evanston learned it could trust me and I made contacts. Things got better. Sure just before I moved I was in over my head money wise, but I had support, the one thing I had, was housing, that was rent controlled, Had housing assistance, all the benefits, and I could make money on my own, on my own schedule. Its not that way here. Everything is so much more expensive, outside of Boise, decent medical care is none existant, there’s at least a 2 year or better on Section-8 housing apps, so if you think I’m not aiming for Etown, your wrong. There just is not anything here to keep me in Jtown Idaho. Outside of Kathleen and the Smith family, and Charlie and A-1 Towing & Heavy Haul’s crew I’m really not all that fond of or close to here. Its not the grand days it used to be, or I had envisioned it, nor are wages keeping up with greedy landlords, here. I need some relief, or I might join my Daughter. See our family has that tendancy for clogged veins. I had one of those Blood clots back in 2010, had it not been for the fast action of Ron Adams and crew there in Bliss, I might have bit the sand. The results was they gave me a shot, a meal and I drove myself home. Sat at my apartment there in Bliss in the bath tub, on boxes Goody’s and Rat poison. My right leg had swollen to the size of a tree trunk. There was virtually no circulation in my right leg. Had that clot broke loose, my life would have ended right there. So when this happened to Rainey (short for Loraine) I was west bound and down as fast as little General could run. I had an Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ward there that cared. I had two families that in a way adopted me, and I had a shop, that had PoohBear not had a tantrum, and split I could have kept. Okay seasons change. But I had mostly a Friend and a Bishop there named Mark, who really cared. I hate quitting a job, I hate looking at moving again, but for nearly a year and 4 months, I have went through a living hell. I have been rejected by a bunch of peeps that misjudged both me and the Club. I have poured out more money than I can recall, money that could have rebuild LexiBelle right down to the last bolt. Yes I was born here in downtown JTown, yes I was raised near Hazzard and West-Point Idaho. But I , since I came back here, never have quite fit in here and haven’t felt at home here. More on what’s grroovin on the show, see you on the air on”   

So how was your day?



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