I am not lazy, I love to work, but I’m worth more than, $7.30 an hour.

Look friends, I love to work, I am not in the least bit lazy, in fact in my own entrapranueristic efforts I have not take a single so called day off for 23 years. So then circumstances here in the snobbish high rent district of America seconded only to California which is part of the problem here is that too damn many Californian’s moved to Idaho, but here in my forest, expenses became to where I needed extra cash coming in. Sure if LexiBelle and all was here I could be making my own, but she’s still in Evanston, after being raped my a Mexicali speaking Oriental, idiot. So no can go tow at least right now. The radio gig is not my own gig, it is a service of the Knytes-of-Dixie MC and the Iron Knytes Truckers Club. If the station/network makes money, I might dredge in 10cents on every dollar it makes, but here lately the making is not that frequent. So I needed to make money. Now in the questionare that you get on orientation at Deseret Industries asks how would you like to make $15.00 per hour? Of course I say sure, now we’re talking. In reality your making $7.30 an hour, limited to 23 hours a week, and thus you spend more time off than on. Schedules are scrambled so much you never know when your supposed to be there. Supervisors treat you like slaves on a northern farm field, rather than an associate. So if you get assigned to the dock, which I don’t mind since I don’t like dealing with people for any length of time, yet if its bad weather like the other day, the water pooled so much on the drive through that I four times fell on my keester, on my tail bone. Add to that, getting the chills, getting cussed out, and all that, not for no peasly $7.30 an hour. I have over 3 weeks accumulated 44 hours, just a tad under $325.00 really? My rent and expenses exceed that. Now true, had PoohBears money again not getting fuggled up because of some outfit called Amscot, and or certain family members, the $325.00 would have made up part of the $500.00 I had to lay out to keep my car(yes I know, the church helped with the other $250.00) Now that I have the car paid off, question is what the heck am I still doing here? So lets review, I have to fund going over and back to Twin Falls every day for at minimum 4 days a week of 20 miles a day, have glucose imbalances because I can’t eat when I need to, freeze my but off, get the wet chills, can’t sit down at anytime, so my clots in my legs returns, the list goes on, for $7.30 an hour? No way. Now PoohBear don’t like this, but it needs be at least for the short term, if I’m going to be here, this radio gig needs to be generating more than its spending. That means getting eye candy out there on at least 3 or 4 websites of our creation to get peoples attention, plus ads on every gearhead TV show, Magazine, or social media site. Just a pic of a rod or truck or bike don’t get it. Having some bare butted (even though I think the bare or near bare butt thing is way over done and very over ripe), squating on a bike, masterbaiting on the hood of a truck or custom, or doing the pole dance on a stick shifter in a rat rod. That equates into listeners, that equates into getting the attention of sponsors that become advertisers and that feathers the nest and puts more green into the jeans of the station, the network, the MC/TC/AC and that puts a few more green backs in my pocket . Since the eye candy is not all that dandy in these parts means recruiting from everywhere, from Utah to Boise to Idaho Falls. That’s why I have the Little General to begin with. Cheap on gas consumption. Bottom line its time to get damn serious about HazzardAyre/Rebel Radio. As well as KTOW/KSOA.  Then there is location. Someone much wiser than I said, I think it was Bo Duke, who said, sometimes your doing all the right things for the wrong reasons. In our case I think we have been doing all the right things, just in the wrong place. SouthWestern Idaho, is not, repeat NOT the right place to plant the seeds of a media company. Yes Boise can be, and some spots like Pocatello can be. considering Idaho State university, with tons of hungry college students looking for ways to enhance their pocket books to continue their education. This means albeit limited, but a labor/talent pool, and some smb incubators . That is just not in the Twin Falls or greater Twin Falls Idaho area. Then there is Nurse GoodBody. Sure she is still a dear friend and one of the only female patched members of the Knytes. However, even with that honor, she and I have touched bases maybe two perhaps 3 times since I have been here, and she as of yet has not been all that ambitious about jumping onboard the HazzardAyre/Rebel-Radio wagon. I think its a once bit twice shy thing. Outside of her unless he gets really swamped I am the last to get called for or with Charlie, so what the heck am I still doing here? Bottom line, it is my intent not to be by Thanksgiving if not sooner. Stay tuned.

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