Well that was fun, and just how much fly stuff do you eat? Welcome to the Edge-of-Wetness.

Have you ever considered just how much fly stuff you eat? Have you ever wondered just what would happen if you swallered a fly? Or maybe two? Here’s the skivy on the divy, see there was a fix it guy here working on the heating system. Capping the AC swamp cooler. Now any time any one opens that door to that furnace room countless flies escape and invade everywhere. As long as I could keep the AC on the air circulated and thus the stench from that smoke fire in the room where I sleep was low, no flies all was okay. Since the AC is off have to keep the window open with no screen and thus mucho fly invasion. Which leads me into the next part here. When I met with my supervisor on Tuesday, and he showed me what I was going to get paid, my enthusiasm was rapidly diminished. At $7.30 an hour times 50 hours total for 3 weeks means if I’m lucky after taxes and all, I might take in maybe $250.00 for 3 weeks? Bullsbreath. Hell I can make that in 4 days running tows, in the snow. So let’s break this down, I’m paying nearly $1,000.00 for a run down place, plus now utilities that was to be thrown in, and only knocking down at tops if I stayed at DI until the end of the month, $400.00? Naw not this old Wolf. So its time to cut my losses, and put my sails in the wind for ETown, where expenses albeit high, isn’t as much, ever wonder why I never changed my phone number or bank account? I never planned on staying here this long. 

Met, quite by accident, a gal on FB that could be an aid or associate once we get to ETown, her name is Aubrey, and she has this FB Group called Just for Fun. Which is so cool. I had a blast on there overnight. For once there was and is a reason, to go on FB , besides PoohBear. Now as far as ETown and all, I don’t think much has changed there. Maybe a few things, but damn few. Janet was telling me jobs are few, and while it may seem high to them, rents and all, are not nearly as expensive as it is here. The only real person I have to blame for all this is me. I was the one that was convinced that the fields here were really greener. As old and wise Uncle Jessie Duke said to me once, the field across the road is only greener until you have to mow it. So later today , I’m cutting myself loose from Deseret Industries and getting things in line to relocate me and the Reaper Crew to ETown, Wyoming. 

On the air at 17:00 on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf

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