Another day, another show done and soon it’ll be time to let my dreams take flight.

Another day, another show on the radio done, and here in a short, I’ll be letting my dreams take flight, as in beddy bye time. So Friday was supposedly to be my pay day from Deseret Industries. Awoke at noon drove over only to find they had sent my final check via mail. It comes from Salt Lake City, I found that out from calling DI’s main human resources unit. It was however albeit a bit short sighted on their part, but a mutual departure, from the program. Now again, understand it was an okay job, that’s what it is, a job, not a career. Of course being connected to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints(can’t say Mormon any more) that a large degree of compassion would be extended when one goes to care for a offspring that is severly ill. As in a DVT. Blood clot that took her life. Yes I’m doing well for loosing my one and only blood daughter, but I am comforted to know by Heavenly Fathers grace that I will see her again. That said you’d think that the Church could see beyond standard protocol and say okay take care of your daughters funeral, see you when you get back. Nope canned my butt. Needless to say although not that big of a loss, but still it was income and as such, a money hit. With that said, I’m not leaving this alone. Some people both here and in Salt Lake City is going to hear about this. 

Show overnight went smooth. Everything worked normally, even CenturyLink co-operated. 

Saw a house for rent in Tweaker Flatts, for $650.00 a month, going to check it out. Understand I have no love lost in the Tragic Valley of Idaho, but there is the payoff of the remains of the Montgomery Trust to me, there is the finishing of what I moved here for to resurrect our flagship for the radio werx, and establish the Idaho Charter of the WolfPack, so ROS right now seems logical. Plus it would ease PoohBear’s mind. Which brings me to a goofy subject, and I can’t explain why, since I have no idea. But it seems that I attract women, and attain female friends similar to a fly eating manure. I have no idea what any and I do mean ANY woman except for PoohBear, would find so grand about a old 60 something old tow ruck op/aviator/radio personality. Let’s face it, although I am loosing weight and all , I still carry a spare tire, my hair is as grey as a Confederate’s uniform, and as far as money, although I make okay, still I’m not wealthy money wise. Is it that I understand most women better than most guys, is it that I have a tender heart and desire more out of them, than just a roll in the bed? I just don’t know. But PoohBear always get’s in a flustered state, any time ANY woman starts hovering around me. In my vocation with things media being the VP of one of if not the 3rd largest MC’s in the nation, as well as President of thee largest vintage military aviation collector restoration organizations in the U.S. when we do promotions and such its my job to be the final deciding factor and sometimes recruiter at the same time, of lady eye candy. Which puts me into some very close contact with some extremely hotties. With that said, I’d rather have a full all female staff under my command than I would a mix of guys and women. While most, not all, but most women are very emotional, but they are organized and multi task better than most guys. Face it balancing a feeding infant, on the phone and doing domestic chores takes multi tasking. Judge Kavinaugh who was just recently confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, also has this idea. In fact he is the only male Supreme Judge that requires a all female staff under his command. Guys are the go getters, women are the organizers. As such I’d rather have them in all areas of my operation. Yet some finesse has to be used when recruiting same for your company. Or it looks too much like your just trying to get them in your nest. So networking with women in say a majority female group on say facebook, is a way to get them or get them to aid you in that recruiting of other women for you to employ. But there are times, PoohBear doesn’t undrstand that. She thinks that everything with a set of breasts and a vagina, is hot after my body. It ain’t so. Any flyte I’m seeing double so here’s looking at you flies-eyes I’m headed to bed. See ya’ll tonight at 21:00 for KnyteWolf Radio on: 




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