What I have noticed lately about facebook and Facebook is not the only one with trolls.

What I have noticed lately about facebook, is while they don’t always give you the boot, still if you stand up to them, they don’t let you have all the access to everything like they did before you stood up to them. Example; when I found out that I was getting grossly overcharged for some simple help wanted ads I put in a dispute to my bank, had the bank hold on the charges, and issue me a new card. Facebook couldn’t bill me, except eventually my bank caved, but that’s okay deed is done. But now I get a inquiry everytime I go to place a free ad. Now its no secret that the Knytes and facebook have a small war going on betwixed each other. Both on the basis of equality when it comes to posting such as its okay for a woman to show herself dern near naked, but let a guy show such and its facebook jail . But when it comes to trolls, facebook is not the only one. See trying to fish from a different pond, I looked into something called: MightyWorks. Which is something like facebook, with an aim more to commerce rather than a overall social site as is facebook. However I noticed a message from a gal from some iron curtain country on my MightyWorks account inbox. At first I thought it was a new author, writing something interesting. What I noticed was the same red flags as I notice from facebook. Photos of a hot blonde with a UCLA T shirt is NOT from some iron curtain nation. When you get inquiries that say things or ask things like; are you married? Do you have children? Where are you from? Then sings a song of she’s never been married, doesn’t have a SO, you have to say bull. An old saying Bro said, and it sticks. He used to say, ” if the Chassis is classy, someone is keeping it happy”, its not at home on a Saturday night crying the blues. More like out bar hoppin, .  If it is home alone, its something you do not want to get involved with since it will eat you alive. None of the social sites are safe, and any site is bound to have holes in their security infrastructures. Doing business online is frightening any more. If you use a credit card, its gets rather un nerving. Countless times, thank God, my bank flags any charges going to a foreign nation. Example those Nigerian fraud ads we used to fall for. I did one time when I lived in Centerville Utah. There was this Russian, or so she said, gal who conned me into sending a few hundred dollars. I was naive then about things Internet. She promised me that I was her only and so on. Bullsbreath. Turned out the she was a he operating out of some Internet sweat shop in Nigeria, defrauding many guys. Thank God too that we in the Knytes have a guy who works in and is a FBI Director, who got in touch with the State Department and got my money back. That’s why it took me weeks to make my mind up about sending PoohBear money for a bus ticket to come out to Wyoming to see me in the first place. I didn’t know if it was a real deal, or some troller, looking for just some damn sugar daddy. Thank GoD that she wasn’t and one of the few safeguards I have from not doing that again. Now while I’m at this juncture. Understand, my looking into returning to Evanston Wyoming is not a for sure thing, and not without some minor reservations. Remember there was reasons I left there in the first place, it wasn’t just to find a biggr Wolf’s Den for me and PoohBear. That year at that time, I had registration for the Stratus, paying near $300.00 for that against the $100.00 for plates, title transfer and all was much cheaper than Wyoming’s. Two; My drivers license was in for renewal, in Wyoming it was going to be one helluva chore to do that, so I went over to Paris Idaho, sweet talked a clerk there, license renewed. Third; There as here now, I was up to my eye brows in debt to everyone and nearly everything, from back rent on the shop to cash advances, to the power company, cable company, gas company. Plus getting LexiBelle Legal in Wyoming was a real bitch rather than doing that here in Idaho. Plus here I have a slightly larger market. Yet for every 10 tow calls I get, 8 of those 10 are from Evanston, or there abouts close to thereof. Two rent on a domicile is much less, three: I know the major players that are in the cable company there, meaning more time on air doing radio, less time doing diagnostics on my computer. Due to some ingested virus, that CenturyLink didn’t filter but that AllWest did. Plus still what used to be KEVA AM in Evanston, we have been made owners of license for and will renew that along with our new FM that we were able to clear through some geographic exchanges. The situation from my nosey neighbors in Wendell, Idaho. Being accused of atrocities that I would never have thought of there. The car being repoed twice, no real community support for neither myself nor the Knytes much less the radio station/network, and the final draw was being let go from my job at DI, that was a wrongful discharge at the least seeing how I was needed at my daughters side when she went to be with our Father in Heaven and had to take a couple of days off to do so, was just plain stupid and without compassion from a facility that is ran by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So I’m getting my WolfPack and me outta here. Evanston may not be perfect, but it does have a heart, but too, I’m not yet completely done with the Tragic Valley of Idaho yet either. See you tonight on the radio, at http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf just go to that web addy, and download the app, or just listen to us free from your computer or device. Before I go I need to share this with you. I joined a FB group called Wolf Spirit, on there I caught a photo of a gal, that just took my breath away here it is:

Nyte Ya’ll

knytewolf me1 

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