Yes A man can conceive and carry a baby to term, and there are I am one, Real WereWolves

So I got into a discussion with PoohBear regarding some of my satanic beliefs and such and I related to her of that mating of me and a real honest to goodness Grey Wolf when Terry and I went on a camping something horse ride up beyond Driggs Idaho back some 20 some odd years ago now. There are real Werewolves, or as I spell it WerWolvez. The interaction between man and beast or creatures of a none human form are not just myths. Take for instance the legend of the Vampire. This is not just a myth either. Documentation of scientific study has shown there are humanoids that while not able to fly, also drink blood, human blood for their meals. There was a talk show I heard just a week or so ago that spoke of this as well. Now to the main core of the discussion between PoohBear and I. Now I’m not making this up, thing is. I had just moved to the Burley Heyburn area of Idaho, had to switch Doctors, As such went to the Minidoka Hospital to meet with a Doctor Hansen. In the discussion, and the prior documents I had to fill out concerning my health, I jokingly put down that I had Mentstral cramps and periods. While I and my pal and PSR at the time joked about it, Dr. Hansen told me that its not a joke. That men can carry a child to term. That men had the parts inside of us that women do, just that in men those parts are just underdeveloped due to gender. However if stimulated that we could in fact carry and by surgery can deliver an infant. That men also have that time of the month, although its more like about 3 times a year and that men just don’t recognize it as such. What men call jock itch, is nothing more than what women get, when they get a yeast infection. It’s the same thing. 

So yes men can have babies and yes there are those that admire and all the Wolf, then there are those, who are one. 

I woke up very late in the day in fact about 20:00 hours so things for the show is running late, but we’ll be on, at 03:00 hours, that’s 3:00 AM for you none military folks out there, Mountain Standard Time which you can tune into online at 

See you on the Ayre.

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